@rek Also were you looking for sunflower seed based vegan cheese recipies? I just read in @chirrolafupa bio they make vegan quesadillas (don't know the basis of the cheese though)

@rostiger @chirrolafupa Anything seed-based, as I have a light tree-nut allergy :>.

@rostiger @chirrolafupa I started a new cheese today, sunflower seeds with miso.

@rostiger @rek hehehe it's my dream in process... so far, i consistently (~3 times a week) make a soy-based "cheese" with okara (from our soy "milk"), nutritional yeast, lime, salt and olive oil.

i love it but it behaves way more "powder-like" than what i'd like for "real" "quesadillas". we use it over tlacoyos and (vegan) enchiladas, though :)

will try the ones you have been sharing!

@chirrolafupa @rostiger Maybe if you add tapioca starch? May help make it more 'gooey'. Tho tbh, i don't care too much about texture, taste matters more :>. Your soy cheese sounds great.

@rek @rostiger thanks, will try!
i'm with you in the taste aspect!

i guess this is more like a "personal challenge"; when going vegan some years ago, many people (including me(?)) thought that my love for "cheese quesadillas"* would be a hindrance haha

* this is a whole meme here in mexico - some areas consider that a quesadilla must have cheese, while others are okay with the existence of quesadillas without it :P

@chirrolafupa @rostiger It's funny, because I didn't used to like cheese, but now I like faux-cheese?
In Mexico ppl were always super chill when Dev & I asked for 'sin queso, leche, carne...' everything :>.

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