It bugs me that I can't view my own website offline without running an npm server.
So I forked @neauoire's oscean and adapted it to my needs. I still need to move over a lot of the the data to indental format, but it's good progress.

@rostiger 🤘 hell yeah. Static site generation in C is where it's at.

@neauoire it's been a pretty good learning experience so far; it suits my current level of C skills.
I typed out every single line of code to understand what it does and how it works. Probably not the fastest way to do things, but I now feel pretty comfortable with it.

@thomasorus If you got the basics down in C, it's a great starting point to understand how its concepts can be applied within a larger structure. It's still a whole lot of fighting for me, often plain trial and error. But each time I brute force my way through a problem, I understand a little bit more.

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