First toot from @mrus terminal client Gomotherium!

@mrus Haha, of course I misspelled it on my first toot. Sorry about that. It's GOMPHOTHERIUM. Of course. :D

@mrus It's pretty cool so far! I really like the integrated image rendering! There's no way to read threads atm, right?

@rostiger haha, no worries, I can’t spell it right most of the time either. It probably wasn’t the best name to pick. (-:

Correct, yes, there’s no way (yet!) to read a thread, there’s only the grey arrow icon that shows when a toot is part of a thread.

@mrus Right, looking forward to seeing this grow! It crashed one or two times (I believe when switching to notifications or the loca timeline), but command based usage is pretty great already!

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