I'm looking for a privacy-focused, people-first, eco-friendly VPS located in Europe. Does anyone have recommendations? Thanks!

@mrus Oh, sweet thanks. I don't even know what half of those things are you mention as your requirements, hah! I'd be curious though on why you think that privacy isn't secured with EU providers?

@rostiger the way the EU is heading towards. Check for example. Some companies have already began to move out of the EU jurisdiction due to this troubling path.

Also, I think that if you’re serious about privacy you might want to pick a jurisdiction that is not actively cooperating with 5/9/14 Eyes countries and offers anonymous payments with ideally no invoicing info requirements. Due to the EU’s idiotic tax regulation you probably won’t find that within that area.

@mrus Yeah, privacy has been continuously fought for, but from my knowledge, EU laws are, at least for now, the strictest in the world. Also I can support efforts to keep it that way, elsewhere I have even less control.

@rostiger that’s a common misconception. The most regulation (“strictest laws”) does not automatically equal the most privacy - especially online.

China and Russia for example are more heavily/strictly regulated in the matter of data residency laws than most other countries. In fact even the US has strict privacy-related laws (e.g. the US Privacy Act of 1974, HIPAA, COPPA, GLBA) which however only cover specific industries and basically leave most of the www a deregulated area.

@rostiger just give it a try for yourself. Order something online from an EU e-commerce site and then request them one or two years later to delete all your personal data.

@mrus I've done so a few times and even though it took some nerve at times (and is generally more difficult than it should be), I was usually successful. Of course, I have no way to actually check.

@rostiger not sure about that. specifically says:

“[...] have the obligation to erase personal data without undue delay where one of the following grounds applies:
the personal data are no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which they were collected or otherwise processed;”

For an e-commerce in Europe this purpose ends only after 10 years, when the required period for storing evidence for financial transactions (invoices, statements) ends.

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