The premise of Startpage is cool, but I can't find any information how they finance their business?

"..we’re paying them to use their brilliant search results in order to remove all trackers and logs."

But with what money?

@rostiger the only thing I find about this is, that they are using sponsored results that are displayed on the search results. They say these wouldn't be a product of tracking, which can be kinda true, as they already have the keywords from your search to determine relevant ads, but they are still targeted. Problem is, that ads will usually not refer you directly to the target, but have a URL before, that tracks that you clicked the ad. These can then still track you.

@elvith Ah, right, so it's basically the same business model as @duckduckgo ?

@rostiger @duckduckgo I don't know all the details about duckduckgo, but I was referring to the privacy policy of startpage. Scroll to "How we keep free without using "personal data"" for the details they provide:

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