So, for all Europeans on this wavelength: there is a initiative for a EU wide Unconditional Basic Income that needs to either get 1 million signatures or reach the threshold in 7 countries until March 25th 2022 to be successful. Here's why this is a good idea:

@rostiger I honestly didn't think I'd see such an initiative in my lifetime.

I really hope this succeeds, even if it's funny to think the reason is probably not ethical at all, but simply means a bunch of technocrats calculated it would mean less money to spend in the long run.

Hah, honestly I don't care for which reasons it succeeds, I just hope it does. There are a lot of hoops left to go through, but damn, I'd love to see this happen (given it's implemented properly).

@rostiger Hell yeah, this would mean some actual societal change, for once. The very fact the initiative exists shows a hint of cultural shift at least. Let's hope for the best!

@AstaMcCarthy I'm not the owner or creator of the video and I couldn't find any licensing information on it. I'll reach out to the creators to see if we can re-upload it.

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