I recently got a used bike trailer and I have been transporting fire wood, groceries and even children! The original plastic box was practical but dead ugly, so I built a wooden frame and now the trailer is useful and handsome all at once!

@rostiger Amazing! In the Netherlands is quite common to see people transporting all kinds of things in bikes. At one time we moved a queen sized bed in one of the big ones haha

@rostiger That's a very handsome trailer. I like the attachment point too. Where did you get it?

@dualhammers Thank you! I got it used from a regional second hand online platform. Originally it was built in Germany by Roland Werke:

@rostiger Oh my, I've got that exact same trailer and that looks so good with the wood instead of the box.

@rostiger I have a similar trailer and I might just do the same thing. The ugly plastic box is a bit broken in my case too,, so that should help. Thanks.

@rostiger Somewhat related: what are you using for the dither fx on your website? Is it an imagemagick filter? (It's really pretty.)

@tty Also, if you are interested, I wrote a bash script to automatically create different size variations and apply the dithering for the website:

@rostiger Perfect, thank you so much! I've added this to my own reference for future fun :D

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