Did you know dried Dandelion root makes for a good tea but also a great sirup? Tastes great in porridge or as a juice mixed with water.

@rostiger really want to try and cook more with dandelions, do you harvest them yourself or buy the roots already dried?

@ritualdust They are currently blossoming everywhere so we pick them ourselves. The leafs are a bit bitter, but work well in salads too!
Oh, and to clarify: for the sirup, we used the blossoms.

@rostiger sweet! there's a lot around my place I might go on the hunt :)

@ritualdust I peeped your pinned post - if/when you end up in BC, you might check out this book: Pacific Northwest Foraging: 120 Wild and Flavorful Edibles from Alaska Blueberries to Wild Hazelnuts

I have it and really enjoyed reading through it - it’s not an identification book per-se (not quite enough information to make a 100% certain id) but is a great way to learn which plants to look for.

I’ve also really enjoyed for identifying plants. Again, not a 100% source but handy to narrow things down to the genus level and then you can use an online field guide to get the rest of the way.

@reed thanks a lot for the recommendation, that's going on the reading list for sure :) and I'll go check the app too, I feel that for starting the best for me would be something that can guide me like the app and a book of local plants I can refer to for more info ~

@ritualdust Yep, that's exactly how I use the app. Also seeing if there are any nearby enthusiast groups - that's what I plan on doing for mushroom hunting this coming fall. I should check and see if there are any foraging groups in my area too

@ritualdust Also I'm fairly proud that my seven year old picked them all, along with these, which he is able to identifies on his own. :3

@rostiger that's awesome, identifying plants is such a cool but rare skill these days

@rostiger @ritualdust I am no expert at plant identification but have been trying to teach our 3yo. They can already identify most of the plants in our garden such as Lavender, Dandelions, Periwinkle. It's a really rewarding thing to teach.

@jameschip @rostiger I bet it is, do you have any book or resource recommendation to start learning myself?

@ritualdust @rostiger Alas no, I was taught by my father and grandfather, both keen gardeners, and my own investigations.

My parents have something like and oxford dictionary of plants or something. it's great but not much cop for identifying plants unless you have a bit of knowledge already to go off.

@jameschip @rostiger gotcha, I'll see if i can find a field guide for local plants then :)

@ritualdust @rostiger There are loads of great books about wild flowers and such, and I am certain there are books specifically for foraging too. I just have not read them.

I should really, expand my own limited knowledge.

Oh, there are also apps they you can get where you can photograph a plant and it looks it up for you.

@jameschip @ritualdust I believe the appreciation and value of nature is one of the most important things we can teach our kids. In my experience, this works best by practical, multi-sensoric application and living by example. Which in turn is a great motivation to educate myself on these topics!

@rostiger @ritualdust it also helps that kids are naturally curious and will do things like ask you what a flower is so you have to then look it up.

@rostiger @jameschip I totally agree to this, it came naturally to me as a kid and I tried my best to cultivate it as I grew up ~

@rostiger @ritualdust That's awesome! Did you just leave them out to dry, or use somesort of dehydration device?

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