24 hour soak, nice! do you tend to alter the length of the soak based on season / temperature?

@glyph It varies day to day, but mostly because I sometimes forget to do the next mornings batch and end up preparing it in the evening. Like today! :)


gotcha :) great to see your recipe / process. i'd like to do a similar write-up.

i'm a huge fan of steel-cut oats. they take a little longer to cook but the texture is amazing. i'll usually do a 12 hour soak in the summer and extend it to roughly 16 hours in the winter - trying to find the fermentation sweet spot :)

"Once the water is almost evaporated, turn off the heat and grind a carrot and/or and apple into the pan."

^ definitely going to try that !

@glyph Good point, I should specify the time in the recipie. Do you taste/feel a lot of difference in consistency when you change the duration? I never really noticed a difference, but I likely haven't been paying attention properly.


the main difference i notice is in the smell / taste. i'm not exactly sure how to describe it but the oats become more sour when fermented for long periods. it's not unpleasant but some may not enjoy it.

@glyph Right. I think I noticed once when I left it in almost 48 hours on accident. It opened with a hiss. :D
It was still fine, but already too sour for my taste.

@rostiger Nice mix! Healthful variety <3. My morning porridge is very unimaginative, just plain oats.

@rostiger Overnight soak, cook them in the morning. And I forgot, my oats aren't entirely plain... I add ground linseeds :>.

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