Been on a solo bike trip for the past four days. Exhausted but happy!
Here are some pictures:

@rostiger that looks so lovely, i really like the treatment you gave to your pictures too :)

@ritualdust Thanks, it was really good to get out by myself for a while. I was weirdly nervuous when I got going, even though it wasn't really far.
The images are all dithered as they go through the build process. The originals can still be viewed when clicking on them though.

@rostiger I feel the pandemic will have made a lot of then-comfortable experiences stressful now, I'm glad you kept going :) And that's so cool, I'd love to setup something like that for my website too instead of dithering my images by hand haha, if you have any pointers on how to do that I would be interested!

@ritualdust It wasn't so much the COVID situation, but rather going by myself, doing something I haven't done before, relying on myself as much as possible: riding a (partially) unknown route, finding places to sleep outdoors, setting up camp and making fire without lighters or matches, preparing food, etc. It's kind of ridiculous as the infrastructure is actually really good and I could always find places if things wouldn't work out. But it still felt like putting myself out there.

@rostiger oh I see, I don't think it's ridiculous, we're so used to a certain way of living. That must have been a nice experience, it reminds me of when I was a kid and we learned to make a little camp stove out of a metal can and newspaper + wax fire bricks and cooked food on it. Self-reliance and ingenuity is definitely a great skill to practice in that way ~

@rostiger I love this format! I did something similar, but for a much shorter journey {}. Yours looks fantastic. What's the image processing you do to make it looks so dreamy?

@mrshll The script takes care of resizing the images as well as dithering them down to 8 colors to speed up the page load. The originals can still be viewed when clicking on them.

@rostiger oo I've wanted an X100 for many years but could never find a used one for a good price near me. Maybe I'll resume that search.

I am captivated by your site content. Can't wait to poke through it more.

@mrshll It's really great to get out on your own sometimes, isn't it? I really wanted to spend the nights outdoors as well, so I had to pack a few more things.

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