I really would like to use Gemini more, but I can't figure out how to automatically open gemini links with my installed client (Kristall). Firefox doesn't ask me either, but fails with an error message. Is there a quick way to let my system know that Kristall can open .gmi files?

Thanks to @KelsonV I managed to setup gemini links to open in the appropriate client.

@winduptoy I didn't have it in the list as the mime type wasn't registered in the database. Jumped through a couple of hoops, now it works!

@rostiger depends on your system, but I managed to set it up (with Lagrange, but the same techniques should work with Kristall) on Gnome, Firefox and Chromium.

Articles in the Gemini section here:

@KelsonV Thank you, this was it! I had to add the mime type, as well as add it to the desktop file AS WELL as updating both databases! But now it works!

@KelsonV Did you have the same issue with Kristall not opening the address that was clicked in Firefox? It just defaults to the start page. Lagrange opens up a new tab loading the address.

@rostiger I don't remember offhand. I'll give it a try when I get a chance

@rostiger It seems to be working on here. It could be a different version, though. I built it from source back in June.

@KelsonV Ah good point, I should update Kristall and see if it works. Are you using LaGrange as your primary client now?

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