Also hello, haven't been here for a while. :)

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@thomasorus Thanks! I needed some time away from the community to sort some things out for myself. Might come back a little more frequently again. How have you been?

@rostiger Kinda fine, I’m processing a lot of personal things too, some are positive and some hard to deal with. It’s hard to find motivation to do anything ahah.

@cblgh @thomasorus Neat idea! I'd love to see some more information on the page on the headwear. Where are they produced and how/by whom?

@rostiger they are produced by a local French company a friend recommended me. Or are you talking about the materials?

@thomasorus Sure, if there is information on how the materials are sourced, even better! Is the company buying the headwear and doing the embroidery or are they actually producing the hats themselves?

@rostiger they buy the caps and they do the embroidery on site in France from what I understand.

@thomasorus I can relate to that. I recently had the opportunity to spend four days in a forest retreat. Very basic - no electricity, no warm water, no heating but open fire. Did a lot of transformative work there - physically, mentally and spiritually - that helped me process a lot of things and rediscover my center. Getting out of the daily routine with a specific program can help a lot.

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