I have been growing sprouts, fermenting food (with sometimes fantastic and sometimes horrible results), repairing things, learning how to weld, improving my wood working skills, building and tinkering, cooking, discovering literature and reading books, joining communal projects, trying to find alternatives ways to consuming and producing, attending resilience workshops, actively maintaining my mental health and personality growth and not lastly being a present father and husband. It's been busy!

Oh and I'm in the final stretch of developing a new Broken Rules game that I have been working on since ... 2019?? Waaay too long in any case...


Anyway, I guess I'm just popping in to send a life signal and showing my appreciation for this community.

What has everyone else been up to lately?

I saw @ritualdust working on her dope gothic locks and zines and @neauoire going nuts with uxn (which I still would love to deep dive in when I EVER have time again). What else did I miss?

@rostiger @ritualdust @neauoire we've got @maleza working on building a home with traditional methods (with an arc of excitement and tragedy)

We've got @freedcreative exploring accessibility in open source tools and the discipline of healing

I think @lrhodes is working on a TTRPG?

And @grey is learning music coding

It's been a busy season

@rostiger It sounds like you've been doing some great stuff as well. I think others would appreciate it if you shared some of these journeys, even if you write more than you read

@dualhammers Thanks for the invitation. I was wondering if I was oversharing previously, but I'm happy to hear that there is interest!

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