One thing that really strikes me about the local activism is how dependent their communications are on US based tech giants.

Or Russian. Point is that it's lacking resilience in communication and organization, which seems precarious.

While I do understand that reach is still largest on those platforms, there seems to be no consciousness about alternatives.

RSS? We're not in the stone age.
HTTPS? Who needs that?
Static content without JS delivery from big tech? Forget it.
Decentralized social media? What is that even


If we want social, environmental and economic change to happen, we also need to consider the role of electronics and digital communication.

@rostiger I was thinking about this the other day. We use Signal for everything when it comes to our activist groups due to encryption, but it makes it so damn hard to organize. And at the end of the day, we don't own that software; we rely on the goodwill of Signal to not take our communications and do something with it.

@eejum @rostiger
I agree and also find it unnecessarily difficult. Just a personal recommendation: a truly open source and legitimately decentralized messaging platform is Session, but it's occasionally buggy, especially with group messages, and doesn't provide audio or video messaging at this time. However, I recommend it IF your work could get you in legal trouble (now or in some future), as even the metadata is encrypted and the messages are never stored in any central database.

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