@rostiger omg, this is adorable, and educative. I love this!!

I always thought the uxn mouth would sort of be within the slit that opens between the eyes.


@neauoire haha, yeah I was unsure how I would make that work with eating and didn't to think about it too long. ^^

@neauoire Huh, now the eyebrows kinda became the eyes. I think @rek might need to explain to me how this little critter of yours works. :D

@neauoire @rek Hahaha ... I do wonder what it's mouth looks like inside though.

@rostiger @neauoire welp, i need to make a character design sheet ASAP XD... the hundred toothed version is scary af

@cblgh @neauoire lololol... yes, the big round things with the goat-like pupils are the eyes. The slit inbetween them is the 'mouth'. The little thin lines above the 'eyes' and below the ears and horns are the eyebrows XD...

Either way, @rostiger doesn't matter. Your interpretation of this design is SOOOO freakin' cute.

@rek @cblgh @neauoire @rostiger This thread is just the best combination of cursed and *incredibly adorable* and I love it :D

@neauoire @rostiger @rek 🤯 whoa! i hadn't made that connection, and it makes so much sense now!

@rostiger @neauoire ohhh i can't wait to see your Varvara :D :D :D

Some more views of the character, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page:

@rek @neauoire Aw, these are hecka cute - and a great reference! Is Varvara listening to a potatoe? 😍

@rostiger Hmm, I learned a thing! I always thought 4 bits was a nybble.

@rostiger this is such a good explanation of the basics of binary! and your little drawings of the uxn animal are so cute :3

@rostiger please do, I can totally see this as a little zine or something for the basics of binary math and/or uxn!

No pressure of course, but if you do continue to make them I'll absolutely make myself a little hard copy :D

Very nice and very cute

It seems to be the little-endian version

@GuyMarty I don't think I know the reference, can you elaborate?

@rostiger in contexts that aren’t “C-like programming languages”, they are called words, not shorts, at least on Intel platforms, and a 4-byte integer is a double-word. in Pascal there is even a data type called a Word.

@rostiger if you want to be technical about it, 64 bits is the “word length” of the x64 platform.

there really isn’t any standard way of speaking of integer sizes other than stating the bits. not even the C short is guaranteed to be 16 bits on all platforms.

@thor Interesting, thanks for the puzzle piece. I've seen it being used like that elsewhere and was wondering about it. I'll stick with this nomenclature though since that is how it's used in the documentation.

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