Today we announced the game that we've been working on for the past three years. It's called Gibbon: Beyond the Trees and it tells the story of a small family of Gibbons searching for home amid rising

The game has a website too, with a tiny bit more on the background of the game.

@aadil Thank you! It's good to finnnnally be able to talk about it and show some stuff.

@rostiger The movement mechanics, artstyle and animation all look amazing.

What's the tech stack for this? Are there dev diaries somewhere?

@phryk Thank you! It is made in Unity - no FOSS involved unfortunately. We created tons of dev logs internally over the course of development, but they need to be sorted out and brought into shape, so it will still take a while.

@rostiger Cool. I'd be especially interested in how you people are handling animations because those look *smooth as fuuuuck*. :3

Also, will there be the possibility to get the game without DRM and will there be linux builds (I'm on BSD, but still… :P)?

@phryk I've continually been advocating for Linux builds, but unfortunately it's pretty low on the priority list right now. I'll keep on pushing for it though.

@phryk Oh, and the animations are a mixture between procedural and scripted. It's a fairly complex system, but we plan to publish some dev logs on it once the dust has settled a bit!

@rostiger gorgeous game, looks like a lot of fun to fly between the trees.

@rostiger this looks gorgeous, it must have been hard to stay quiet about it! Definitely have to get a copy when it releases!


This looks awesome. Looking forward to a switch release. Great work!

@strstr Thank you! Seeing you're into locomotion systems, this could be one for you. :)

@rostiger most definitely. I made an ape in a jungle before, too. it didn't look this good.

@rostiger WOW O_O.... holy crap, looks amaaazing. Such good feels. Congrats on the release :>

@rostiger This looks so good! Love how smooth the movement is - I never thought I would like to move among the trees as a gibbon but this trailer made me want to it so much!

Can't wait to give it a try once it it gets released outside of apple arcade.

Any chance for DRM free version (gog, itch or other)?

@rostiger saw this on the bird site and somehow didn't make the connection to yourself. Congrats on the announcement, and more importantly the game looks like a treat

@rostiger This looks amazing, that animation is indeed something else. How is it going to be controlled?

@csepp Thanks! It's essentially a two button game, with a few extras - we tried to keep it as simple as possible for mobile.

congrats on the announcement, the game looks great in motion - capturing fluid leaps and sense of speed in an uninterrupted way is a feat

...and i just realized And Yet It Moves from your studio was one of the first indie games i played

@vladh Hey, nice to meet you, neighbor! Hope Lirik likes it! ;)

@rostiger Nice to meet you as well, your game looks gorgeous and I look forward to playing it :)

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