Alright, let's see if I can get this right.
Bitwise shifting notes on .

And while I'm here, these are my notes on 1 bit per pixel sprite encoding.


Continuing with notes on 2bpp encoding in

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Finally got to draw a game pad, my sole reason for this whole series.
How handles input.

@rostiger I love that Uxn is sending sprites as valentine cards to Varvara πŸ’Œ

@rostiger little mistake: The A key button is the first bit so #01, the B button is the second bit.

Maybe you could add the ascii number over the keys :)

@neauoire Oh sweet, I hadn't seen that! Will update those notes then! :)

@neauoire Isn't the semicolon a label for an address int he main memory?

@rostiger Yes, but it's worded a bit weird, you could say "whenever a button or a key is pressed, the routine defined as the controller vector runs."

The program doesn't really "jumps" to a vector, vectors are sort of, when an event occurs, and the program is napping, it wakes up and run that part of the program until a BRK.

I hope it makes sense, it's not interrupting a running program to jump somewhere.

@neauoire @rostiger oops, that mistake comes from my end! the tutorials lists Ctrl as B and Alt as A xD

and i was just going to say that i love having that image because i always confuse which one is A and which one is B - now we have evidence of that confusion of mine πŸ˜…

@neauoire @rostiger interesting, below i have it right:

> the following uxntal program allows you to draw using the arrows keys and the Ctrl key (button A).

and looking at the history of the page the info was right before; i introduced the error when adding the new table format :ohnobubble:

sorry @rostiger and thanks for noticing @neauoire!

@rostiger @neauoire awesome! this is a very nice view of the bits/buttons, i think i won't forget now which one is "A" :)

@rostiger @sejo I'm glad you used the lines for the button byte <3 It looks excellent, makes it very clear

Here's my last page of for now - comparisons and logic operators!
Now I have to continue @sejo's tutorial and learn more about uxn myself!

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