Updated the wiki with some notes. Actual template files will follow soon!

@rostiger That must be one hell of an overclocked Raspi with that beefy cooler.

@Natanox Not yet, but I'll play with that for sure!
For now, I manually plug it in when the CPU temperature goes up. ;)

@rostiger So sick! Looks like you had quite a busy day :D

@s_ol Haha, yeah, but the pictures posted today are actually from the past three days - I just didn't get around to put them up. ;)

@rostiger Would you mind sharing the CAD files (if you used any, might be you didn't), I _might_ recreate this myself (looks amazing, and I have a screen of the same size)

@daniel I'll update the website soon and plan to publish the files as well. There are a couple of small improvements and gotchas that need addressing to be able to build it. It will take me a little while, but if you just want to dive in, I'd be happy to send you the files.

@rostiger You better theme everything to the RASP/UTIN color scheme!

@neauoire @rostiger can you also write a little orca thing to make it play Rasputin by Boney M?

@rostiger AWESOME!!! I love it!
May I ask what is the program running as the top bar? And also the fuzzy menu at the center?

@Hexman It's i3bar with i3status as part of the i3wm suite. The launcher is rofi. For a more complete list on the software, check here:

@rostiger thanks! I never used i3wm or dwm yet. I really like the idea of the mechanical 40% keyboard!

@rostiger might want palm rest after an hour or so 😉

Looks very nice, the little inlays are a nice touch

@rostiger beauuutiful, that makes me want to dust off my raspberry case project too :3

@rostiger looks mad! but where's the battery? I'm guessing it's either under the keyboard or behind the screen, but which??

@voxel Yep - it's a battery bank located under the screen. It can't charge while powering and there's only a small indicator on the side to check its status. So fairly primitive, really.

@rostiger Thanks for sharing the design iteration notes! I have a very similar display and rpi that I'm working on making into a cyberdeck. Mine will be pretty different, because I'll be using a wireless keyboard. Strongly considering a wood frame/case, though!

@rostiger @neauoire pretty! Does the grid (instead of offset) keyboard make a big difference? I've been playing around with my own Cyberdeck ideas and I keep getting hung up on whether it makes a big difference

@hacknorris I hear you. It's been the name for two years so I've decided to roll with it. I've tried to focus on the Raspberry part, but frankly, I'm considering a name change with the next revision.

@rostiger what’s this bro it looks like a raspberrypi what are you using thi for?

@rostiger a sight for sore eyes, love the colors going on here, and the pink-cyan post-its!

@nerdypepper Thanks! The post-its are actually the wooden boards I mixed the colors on (see previous post). Getting the hue right took way more color than I needed for the tiny letters, so I tried to at least make some use of it. ;)

@rostiger thats so beautiful! how do you control the mouse?

@nx It's 90% keyboard driven. But for the cases where I need one, the screen is touch capacitive. Also I have a special keyboard layer for mouse controls. If you're curious, here's the layout:

@cblgh Thanks Alex! I still haven't seen pictures of your communication computer. Are you still using it?

@rostiger ah yes! I'm in the process of writing a small post around it actually, hope to have it out soon :>

@rostiger It looks very nice! I have a similar setting, with RPi 4 and the waveshare screen (except it's not in a clever box like this one). I was wondering about your powerbank, does it allow to both charge itself, and power the RPi? Mine cuts the power while charging...

@garvalf Thanks! The bank can't power while charging. It also only has a small indicator on the side to check its status. Fairly primitive in comparison to proper uninterrupted power supplies.

@rostiger there is literally nothing to not love about this.

@rostiger Absolutely love it. I built one of the cyberdecks, but there's elements of your design i like a lot.

Brb. *opens fusion360*

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