Hey @neauoire have you ever had issues compiling oscean on a raspberry pi? I'm using tcc and the build process keeps hanging at some point filling up an HTML file with data until it runs out of space.

@neauoire I'm yet to find a clue before I dive into debugging. I figured since nchrs is mostly a fork of oscean you might have run into something similar?

@rostiger You mean the old C version? No, it worked fine with pcc(Plan 9's C compiler). Are you using the debug flags? which build command are you using?

- The current Oscean version is written in uxn, and it works well on Raspbian too.

@neauoire It makes sense that you moved it over to uxn - still pretty impressive!

I'm using tcc -Wall main.c -o nchrs, cc for debugging and your original parameters.

I guess I'll just have to start digging in...

@rostiger that's what I would use also 🤔 so the exact same repo builds on your other computer?

@neauoire Yep, they're on the same commit. My best guess is that I have some sort of error or memory leak that cc or Ubuntu or the hardware manages to skip over on my primary workstation. I'll try to debug it in the coming days, I hope I'll find the culprit.

@rostiger try running it with gcc with all the debug flags on top and see if it's raising a warning :)

@rostiger @neauoire worth noting that I played with it recently and there was a bug in the code that would cause memory corruption, if you link me to your commit ill send a patch for the fix (it’s one or two lines)

@neauoire @rostiger I don't see the same files in this repo. I was poking around the old archive repo for fun recently and stumbled on this code here, which was accessing memory in a way that causes bugs

@ruby0x1 @neauoire Ah, right, I'm not using the neralie time format. It's a fork of oscean that has been adapted to my specific requirements. Thanks for checking though!

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