My partner requested a drawing of a Chinese dragon for her sewing teaching material. I guess I'm someone who draws dragons now.


This is the reason why I probably would never bring it far as an illustrator: no content consistency whatsoever. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@changbai That's because it's only the good ones that I show.

Social media is a stage where we present our masks in the light of our own choosing.
Want to see some of the sketches I did when I was tired and used no reference? :D

@rostiger reminds me of that meme where the art turns disfigured 5 seconds after posting :P

I actually love looking at process works and bad arts - i post my own at But totally understand the apprehension.

@rostiger i suffer from the same XD... but meh, i think it's great to dabble in many different drawing/rendering styles. It is super fun.

@rek Hah, true that. I was referring to the motives that I choose, but the point holds up for rendering styles too.
Even though I'm not all that concerned about it most of the time, I do recurrently judge my choices - or rather, my character for not being distinct enough to devote myself to a thematic or stylistic vocabulary.

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