@rostiger I love it! The colors are so sweet. Can I ask if the original sketch was a traditional pencil and paper?

@virtuallight Oh yeah, I had two main sketches on paper first as well as a couple of color thumbnails.
I was even considering doing the whole thing analogue, but there were a couple of obstacles that I didn't want to deal with in order to actually work on the image.

@rostiger that’s so interesting, thank you. I have a tablet for many years now and I’ve been drawing traditionally all my life (nothing serious, but anyway), my transition to digital art didn’t work out well. I'm wondering if this type of sketches would help me to adjust...

@virtuallight For me it was always kind of difficult to get into the loose, idea sketching flow on a computer, I love color pencils for that. Also always had troubles with the disconnection between the surface I'm drawing on and seeing the line on the screen. I've been working with a small cintiq since many years that made my life a lot easier in that respect.


@rostiger oh, yeah, the disconnection is the worst. I have a simple Wacom without a screen, so the feeling of dissociation is strong

@virtuallight I think things got a little better with stroke adjustment tools like you can find in Krita (the tool I use for digital illustration). But as far as I know, @neauoire also uses an old wacom without a screen, so I guess it's also a matter of practice and what you are used to.

@rostiger I know Krita, but I’ve never tried it before. Do you recommend to check it out?
Yes, I agree, practice is everything! But I still try to figure out a way to do it more comfortably.

@virtuallight I think it's among the best when it comes to open source software that runs on Linux. Alas, as it is often the case with Linux software, I had to spend a good amount of time to configure it in a way that I could work with it. Are you used to any particular software for graphics?

@rostiger for 2d art - no, I was using SAI for a couple of years, and now I just open Photoshop when I need to draw something (just because I already have it for work reasons). I think I’ll try Krita!

@virtuallight Ah, right, I came across Sai once, but I think it's Windows only?
After two decades of Photoshop, I switched to Linux two years ago and migrated mostly from proprietary and subscription based software.

@rostiger good for you! I am a Windows user, I use Linux for fun on my old laptop. I have some work related windows only software that I need right now, so

@virtuallight Yeah, I know how it is. Most of last year I dual booted into Windows as we were using the Adobe suite for production work. It has a few advantages for sure!

@neauoire @gosha Thanks! It's been a long time since I did a full illustration - it's nice! I've got a few more loose ideas for other pieces, I might start a series.

@mburtonkelly Ha, no, I've never heard of it, but it utilizes a similar idea indeed!

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