And here is mine! After carefully carving a new handle that lasted for about a week, I lost my patience and came up with this horrid hack of a repair. It likely won't last long either, but at least it only took me half an hour to build it.

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Had to get out a bit today and went to a nearby forest to do some sketching. I should do this more often.

Watched Fantastic Funghi yesterday and immediately integrated a mushroom ritual into my dreams that allowed me to create snow wherever I pointed my fingers. 👍

Considering this race horse of a machine, I think I did alright!

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My rancid old working pants are so far into dissolving that my partner would finally rather allow me to use her sewing machine and teach me how to handle it instead of fixing it for me. The result is spitting in the face of the art of sewing. As you can imagine, I'm extremely proud.

I'm compiling print-out sheetsfor illustration references and hoo boy, what a bunch of rabbit holes that turned out to be! Current location: /vehicles/bikes/tallbikes>

"Wherever we go, someone does us harm".

Violence against refugee and migrant children arriving in Europe through the Balkans.

If you got unaccompanied refugees kids in your neighborhood "causing trouble", consider this.


Here's Ernst and his assistant Nicholai Miklukho-Maklai in 1866, according to wikipedia two extremely hip stylers.

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Someone name dropped Ernst Haeckel here recently which legally and morally obliges me to post two of his many intensely intricate zoological illustrations.

I like to leave behind little drawings at places that I enjoy. Here's one on a paper sheet at Pizzaria alla Strega in Venezia. (thanks to @raelzero for the recommendation!)

Got the kid some new color pencils and decided to test them out myself. They're alright!

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Freestyle lego building by using only the pieces of two existing sets to create something entirely new scratches the same problem solving itch as programming. Here's a mech I built with A recently.

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