Listening to old mixes I recorded with my appartment friends a decade ago. We had two Technics and a Vestax mixer and an ever growing, collaborative vinyl collection.

I found this beautifully crafted, used foldable chessboard and figurines a few days ago. The kid is hugely interested and we played chess and Nine Men's Morris two days in a row now.

It bugs me that I can't view my own website offline without running an npm server.
So I forked @neauoire's oscean and adapted it to my needs. I still need to move over a lot of the the data to indental format, but it's good progress.

Putting the leftovers of the wood plates to good use and building a pokemon jungle retreat diorama with the kid. Needs some more trees and pokemon.

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BTW this little guy is from doing christmas tree decoration with the kid a few days ago. He proclaimed it wasn't festive enough so it was banished to my work desk instead.

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Mounted the display and the pi. Realised that some of the cables don't fit. Removed the pi again. Will have to improvise to make it work.

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