Today I incidentally color matched lunch with the honeysuckle! Spaghetti al Finocchio with green salad and LOTS of pumpkin seed oil.

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Picked up the first crate of vegetables yesterday. Crop sharing coops, y'all.

The world of (vegan) food is vast and exciting, but if I had to choose one dish for the rest of my life, it would be "the unnamed dish":
a variation of legumes (here dhal), a mixture of grains (here barley, wheat and spelt rice) with greens (here wild garlic) and any type of edible mushrooms. Served with salad and a vinaigrette made from oil, vinegar, water, garlic, mustard, salt & pepper.

Simplicity meets and endless possibilities of ever-satisfying variation.

Made some buckwheat tea today and everyone liked it.
I get excited every time I discover something that I can add to the family repertoire.

Inspired by @neauoire's recent gyoza post I decided to give it a try yesterday. Had some left over dough today and wanted to know if sweet gyoza might work. Turns out it does! Filled with apples, raisins and cinnamon. Cherry jam by our Teikei Ouvertura.

Continuing with winter vegetable cuisine - made curry pasta with kale.

Visiting a friends birthday tomorrow, I'll bring @rek's uzumaki as a gift. Today is hummus preparation day.

And on an uxn unrelated note, I made corn pone and buckwheat dumplings from the grimgrains recipies recently and they've been both been very well received - which is pretty darn high praise if you knew what I'm dealing with here. And here's what's even greater about it: you can quite literally combine the recipies and make new ones!
I present: corn dumplings!

Opened the dry fermented red onion and garlic jar after two weeks, initially worried that I'd have to throw away the content. Turns out the water of the onions just oxidated the garlic and the result doesn't only taste and smell fantastic, it also looks spectacular!

Experimenting with fermenting vegetables. I have no idea what I'm doing.

Took a few days off internet connectivity. Added a new recipie to the wiki: Mushroom Salad Rice Bowl.

Did you know dried Dandelion root makes for a good tea but also a great sirup? Tastes great in porridge or as a juice mixed with water.

I took today's lunch as a good entry for Merveilles cooking event, not overthinking things too much: a quick Spinach Barley Bowl.

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