It‘s finished! And it works! It spins so smoothly now, that it‘s just fun to whirl the crank.

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Today I spent two hours refurbishing an old grinder I inherited from my mother. It was catching dust on a shelf for decades. I'd like to use it for grinding nuts and grain.

It's not particularly exciting, but I spent the last weeks mainly on converting the Broken Rules presskits to static pages that are comepltely JS free. It was a lot more work than anticipated, but it's finally all done!

Finally managed to wrap my head around rendering js output to static html pages to use on my website.
Tested it with the thousand marbles concept.

Added a new project to Anchors, a treasure hunt I created for my son's 6th birthday:

Going through old projects for the new website and stumbled across the animated mockups I did for the Flywrench UI. Still really like how they turned out.

Making progress with my little bash script that batch resizes all images in a folder to four different widths, so the browser can choose the correct one depending on the viewport.
Now on to writing an eleventy plugin that will convert the image filename to a <picture> element containing all the paths to the different versions.

I'm currently using the Broken Rules website as a testbed to learn eleventy.

I uploaded my first project to source hut! It's called relogen and it generates themes for @regolith by setting a random wallpaper from a folder and sampling it's colors using pywal.
Check it out here:

I spent way too much time on desktop vanities today, but it was just too compelling.
Here is my very first bash script in action. It generates @regolith themes from the wallpaper using pywal.

Been slowly but steadily building and improving the little shelter with the kid. Crafted windchimes and a stool for added comfort.

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