And here is mine! After carefully carving a new handle that lasted for about a week, I lost my patience and came up with this horrid hack of a repair. It likely won't last long either, but at least it only took me half an hour to build it.

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It's probably not ready yet, but I've been working on a bash script to generate private static photo albums for family

Continuing improvements in the apartment. Finally built a proper coat hanger.

Built some small shelves for the tools. The workbench is kept minimal with a focus on setting up and taking down quickly. .

Mother-in-law traveled to Vienna to watch the kid for two nights while we were out. It's not easy for her to put on shoes without a shoehorn, so I quickly made this one.

I meant to tidy up the apartment today. Got grumpy about not having enough coat hangers and kids jackets everywhere. Made some coat hangers instead. The apartment is now tidier by two jackets.

Little repair project for tonight. Exchanged the battery on A's bike light. Learning how to solder last year has already paid off.

Today we announced the game that we've been working on for the past three years. It's called Gibbon: Beyond the Trees and it tells the story of a small family of Gibbons searching for home amid rising

With @neauoire's help I was able to pick up nasu again and make a bit of progress on these sprites.

Working on a logo for my sister's self-employment. None of these made the cut, but I still like them.

Started a little holiday project to teach myself LUA in Love2d trying to implement Sinpin.

Last day, last piece of paper, last fan art. Drawing vs. original Environmental Station Alpha sprite.

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