Shifted around a lot of content in the wiki in a long sleepless night. x_x

Thanks to @chirrolafupa I added dithering to my build pipeline and now all the images only use a fourth of the previous bandwith.
The original, undithered version can still be viewed by clicking on the image.

In an effort to make more non-electronic, offline games available, I purchased second hand game boards and started collecting rules on various game types.

To simplify adding new content I implemented a custom markdown for nchrs.

I finally finished my ANSI C version of Logbook. It is a lot simpler than the original Javascript one, but also a lot faster and more focused.

New website using Oscean is finally live. I learned so much about C through this, thanks again @neauoire for letting me re-use your code.

It bugs me that I can't view my own website offline without running an npm server.
So I forked @neauoire's oscean and adapted it to my needs. I still need to move over a lot of the the data to indental format, but it's good progress.

Putting the leftovers of the wood plates to good use and building a pokemon jungle retreat diorama with the kid. Needs some more trees and pokemon.

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