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Imagine you have a movie with a fitting subtitle file, but it's the wrong language. So you download subtitles in the right language ... but find they're misaligned to your movie file. Or imagine that you would like to learn a language by watching foreign movies with subtitles, but your vocabulary isn't great, and you would prefer to have subtitles both in a language you know *and* the language you're learning.

About 9 years ago I wrote a browser-based tool (which runs locally entirely!) called "dualtitles" which provides a convenient interface for facilitating these usecases (load subtitles, align them, export them). As it apparently broke some time ago (due to browser API changes) I now refurbished it and brought it back to mint condition. Enjoy. (⌒‿⌒)

@nasser I'm on uberspace - @ubernauten - with most of my stuff. Really like their attitude and way of doing things.

@praxeology Haha, den kannte ich noch nicht! Da ist wahrscheinlich was dran. :D

And here is mine! After carefully carving a new handle that lasted for about a week, I lost my patience and came up with this horrid hack of a repair. It likely won't last long either, but at least it only took me half an hour to build it.

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Some good repair projects in the timeline today! :merveilles: :tealheart:

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Achievement unlocked: MIG welding!

Still tons to learn, but lots of fun.

@ccohanlon I can imagine. Hope it turns out better than in Sweden...

Had to get out a bit today and went to a nearby forest to do some sketching. I should do this more often.

@alderwick @tty Ooh, those look cool! I still use a regular old plastic rain pants that's clumsy to put on and off and has the sweaty unpleasantness. But it's alright.
Fun fact: mood guards are literally called "shitwings" in German!

@dualhammers @thetigerandthestrawberry Have you ever attempted to make it a regular practice to be able to let go of trains of thought and become more present with outside world sensations?

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