Is there a way to automatically open gemini addresses in a browser that supports the protocol?
This is what currently prevents me the most from actually using gemini.

@thomasorus Ah, ok! I thought the login panel is provided by xfce, not lightDM. I'll try to uninstall it.

@thomasorus Hang on. Are you telling me that I don't need a desktop like xfce to run i3? I thought there needs to be all this stuff for session management, logins, etc.?

@aynish Yep, it's the Ergodox. Small but powerful! :)

@thomasorus There's still a ton left to configure too.
I went with XFCE as a desktop and have various problems with the configuration. Which one did you go for?

@thomasorus Dietpi runs quite smooth though! Browsers are a bit on the slow side - might need to find something more lightweight.

@thomasorus Yes, i3 and dietPi! Even though the setup procedure is pretty straightforward, it still took two days to get it up and running - I ended up in various dead ends I could only get out of by flashing the sd card and starting from scratch.

I guess raspis are either prone to that stuff or I'm just unlucky/inexperienced.
Probably a bit of both.

@thomasorus I'd like it to be portable. Ideally all cables should disappear in the case. I even got myself a pijuice - unfortunately it isn't strong enough to power the display. :/

Not sure if I should be proud or ashamed that the case was built without power tools. Won’t go this route again, that’s for sure.

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Thanks to @thomasorus for motivating me to pick this project up again. You raspi guide was super helpful!

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@npisanti If you manage to convert it to ASCII it would just be text-based. :)

@npisanti This would be so dope as an actual clock visualization in the terminal. 🖤

Asking for help, financial aid 

@Pulsaare Hope this helps a tiny bit.

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The most distant things human eyes can see are these four galaxies.

Messier 81, 8.5 million light years away. Sculptor, 11.4 million light years away. Centaurus A, 12.4 million light years away. And Messier 83, 14.7 million light years away.

Though you'd need sharp eyes to see these yourself, and skies which are both exceptionally dark and clear.

When light was leaving Messier 83, actual mastodons were still alive on Earth, the Sahara wasn't a desert, and cats didn't exist yet.

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@dualhammers Food photography is harrd. Mine usually looks like barf.

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