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I added a journal feed to my wiki to track projects and events. It is generated from a single tbdl file. Next up: RSS feed!

@bd Hey, nice to meet you! I followed you back because we seem to have similar interests. It's cool that you're running your own server for all your services, I'd like to dig into your wiki to see if I can find more info on that!

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hello everyone, i just moved from @npisanti to this account to complete the change of my online identities' handles

it could be i lost some of the followers, if that's the case just please add me again

thanks for the patience 🙏

Came across a small lizard and a scarlet elf cup, with the wondrous german name "Scharlachroter Kelchbecherling".

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Wild garlic and coltsfoot was picked during today's hike with the kid.

Played the first proper round today! Lots of rules were changed and adapated, but it's already fun to play.

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Players can choose between the following avatars: fox, goat, dog, mushroom guy?, oracle, mouse, penguin and possibly a farmer?

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Sinpin features a Spelunky style ghost. Took quite a few sketches and I'm still not 100% which one I'll go for.

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