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I am a flame, sometimes a pvmpkin.

I am an artist, designer, post production and vfx artist, colourist, and occasional software developer.

I have worked on videogames and feature films.

I made Tape, Soul of the Beast, Ramma, Faera and DISPATCH. Working on other things including Uppákoma an events app for Iceland.

I am the founder of

most recent showreel

if you would like to support me

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Roasted Golden Beets. This is so simple, I'm not sure it qualifies as a "recipe" but I made a page to reference anyway:

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Because my wife made it today, I am sharing one of my favorite meals in : Sweet and Spicy Peanut Sauce Tofu Bowl!


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Got around to writing a thumbnailer for my website (inspired by @neauoire and @rostiger). Sets horizontal resolution to 500px and dithers to 16 colors, and replaces the src property in the html to refer to the thumbnail. It's a bit rough, ideally I should move the html mangling logic to the C program but the results don't look bad at all and it works for now :D

Want to start using your wiki as a quick reference for day to day tasks?Add a "search" shortcut to your browser that opens up any page if the search term exists.

I needed my regex reference today, typed "nchrs regex" in the address bar and it loaded the local copy of


I took today's lunch as a good entry for Merveilles cooking event, not overthinking things too much: a quick Spinach Barley Bowl.

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The stages of living

1. I enjoy playing
2. I want to play where I fit in
3. I want to fit in where I can make money
4. I want my making money to mean something
5. I will choose meaning over money
6. I seek meaning in what I enjoy
7. I enjoy playing

I was looking for a video for @freebliss but only found this alternative turntable controller friends of mine built a while ago. I figure it should find some interest with the Merveilles crowd:

Shifted around a lot of content in the wiki in a long sleepless night. x_x

This weekend I helped the parents-in-law with their garden. I learned how to plant potatoes. Also: rhubarb!

Thinking back to the time friends organised video game coffee house events in Vienna. It was so cozy. I miss getting together with people.

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We are hosting a kind of cooking event this week! We encourage each one of you to share one recipe between now and May 23nd. To participate, you must create a dedicated page on your personal website with the complete instructions, with at least one image, and the cooking time. The recipe cannot include animal products, of course. Please use the hashtag when sharing a toot of your recipe!


Garden Lovage has an intense, spicy taste and is great for vegetable broths as well as spicing up savory dishes.

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One of the best things is that I only need to recharge it every two weeks or so.

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I noticed that I miss the smartphone the most when I need it the least: mindless browsing to fill a few minutes of idling. The more time passes the more this feeling fades.

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