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Whoa never heard Xylophone like instruments with this kind of sound. I'm wondering how much the recording is distorting here, but still...

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FTL: Faster Than Light (Macintosh 512K, 1985)
by Subset Games

Here's a fun game little game we made up last week. All you need is some pebbles and a sharpie.

Last day, last piece of paper, last fan art. Drawing vs. original Environmental Station Alpha sprite.

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Last day of vacation. Istria is beautiful and you can get the best Ajvar here.

A bit of editing nicely preserved this image for the splendors of future coloring session iterations.

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Huzzah! Today I drew a line of six pixels uxn! Tomorrow I might draw a sprite.

Looking forward to start animations, but I need to learn some programming first.

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My partner and I are putting a small curated reading list on anarchism and were wondering which were your favorite books/zines. It can be theory but we'd also like some more applied resources :) Feel free to boost!

Since I'm running out of inspiration for fan art I'm blatantly ripping off the kids ideas for new bosses.

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