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A rare praise for a large electronic manufacturer: Siemens offers a simple way to purchase spare parts for their products by letting customers select them from explosion drawings. That is pretty dang cool.

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#introduction Hi, my name is Lea, i'm 30 from France and i picked up trad media again a year ago or so after a huge art block. I'm exploring inks and watercolours trying to find my voice and style trhough illustrations about magic, clouds and airplanes, i will talk for hours about those topics 🛩️

@terry Oh wow, hey Terry, long time no see! Good to see you here!

Most of the rest of the time was spent in conversations around topics picked at the beginning of the meeting. It was a fantastic way to get to know each other and have deep conversations despite limited time.

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"Ok, time to pack for the Merveilles Meetup. I'll only bring the bare essentials."

*Packs buckwheat and millet*

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"There is no such thing as cheap food. We've created this illusion by externalizing the true costs of industrial food."

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Reading about possibilities of socially and environmentally sustainable cities and how they could be brought into harmony with commonly owned forest gardens and wild farms of rural dwellers.

"Even though hopelessly utopian it is the industrialism and imperialism of the west that created many of today’s crises so it is the west’s collective duty to explore alternative models."

From "Sitopia" by Carolyn Steel.

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@rostiger 1.0 was released September 8, 1998 to the best of my memory.

Some screenshots from the early days:

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Cast iron kettle incoming! After our old ceramic one broke irreparably, I found this used one online and it's great! Bonus points: I can put it on the wood stove and it stays warm much longer.

Continuing improvements in the apartment. Finally built a proper coat hanger.

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