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I’m roy niang (b. 1994). French artist based in Bordeaux, France. I mostly shoot photos but I also draw, write and design books.

I also created a bad jrnl clone for my logs and for my scratchpad.

For text files I went from “your file system is your filter” to “damn just pour everything in the same file and grep”

I created a dozen of spaghett scripts to manage my “databases” ahah

@neauoire Your lexicon is offline? I can’t check it on the webring’s wiki :(

Bon les francais sur, qui va a Angouleme ?

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Hey everyone, I'm Merri, I'm a French trans girl from Paris, I study materials engineering, I'm interested in biomaterials in particular. I do music with computers (livecoding/trackers), I'm also a VJ (livecoding/resolume). I run a label called Hàltràny Industries, a broadcast platform ( @neuvoids ) and the French TOPLAP node. I speak French, English and I study Italian and Macedonian. (Still) happy to be here ! :tealheart: :triangle:

I want to make a Pico-8 game. I’ll look for ressources tomorrow

yes there is black, white, and stuff in the middle.

I'm working on a greyscale color picker to generate color palette.

Mmmh, I think that todo lists/task managers are some kind of short term database and that time tracker are the real reviewing tool. Use a personal wiki to review what you did in detail.

ps: is your partner also an artist? what kind of gift do you build for them?

I'm working on a typewriter for my girlfriend. A compact mechanical keyboard and a raspberry pi with a eink screen. I'll fork Left and spaghetti script a function to export text to a usb drive for heavier editing on her macbook.

Had a 2 months photography break, I’m going back on the street slowly, I’ll send some rolls to be scanned tomorrow :)

I’m all buy local, low carbon footprint, etc. BUT HEY I granted myself a pass to order a keyboard from the another continent lol

I bought a new keyboard and I’m looking for a nice set of keycaps with a good font.

I have a directory full of repos that I forked into something worst.

Fun fact: 9gridchan’s website is less edgy than 9front’s

I discovered 9gridchan, I thought it was some kind of edgy fork of Plan 9 by 4chan, but it’s a nice effort to build nice things on top of 9front like bringing back fossil+venti

Multiboot situation : ssd is velcro’ed to my screen, I have a grub entry with “exit” which fallback to the next drive. That’s it. 🤡

Or I’ll just casually swap ssds (thanks thinkpads!)

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