I’m barely able to save money for Robofont tho 😔

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That Nova editor by Panic looks good honestly, and it’s snappy

Apparently there’s drawbot-skia for multi platform graphics but type support is still poor if I understand correctly

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The thing is, most of the good stuff is macOS-only since it relies on Core Text for type related tasks

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I’m pretty confident that in a few years, Pagebot will become a reliable pro software while InDesign and Publisher will be more prosumer grade i would say.

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Drawbot/Pagebot may not be perfect yet, but at leat I don't have to download 4 or 5gb of TeX distribution to script a PDF lol

Fun fact:

roy because I hated how English speaking people pronounced my first name
niang because my gf mispronounced my middle name when we first met

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I’m thinking about keeping this alias for art and whatnot, but using my real name for design stuff 🤔

A few months ago there was an announcement that went trending around here about a libre alternative to figma/sketch/etc. that looked very sweat. What was it's name again? 🙏

Running some aesthetics checks. I'll do some light kerning later :}

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How mandatory is LinkedIn to find a job/freelance gig in webshit?

I’d hate to make an account there.

Today I received my DIY trackball kit and had fun building it. It's all open source and uses QMK for its firmware, so no drivers needed! It works flawlessly on 9front :)

(Yeah that mat is dirty I KNOW, my clean one is drying right now)


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