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I think I did everything critical about the install!

So hey! I made this forum where we can talk about visual arts (photography, video, design, sculpture, etc.), its theory, practices, ask for critiques, share your discoveries or the tools you made! The forum’s name is INTRFC for interface :)

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I’m roy niang (b. 1994). French artist based in Bordeaux, France. I mostly shoot photos but I also draw, write and design books.

Oh the 9front build image is broken on source but

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Implemented @save/@load to the parade interactive fiction engine. You can save you little world, put it online, and anyone can visit it through `curl world.txt | parade`

Who has wrote access to the webring repository? I’d like to update my urls and I deleted my gh account😅

My blood must me something special, I’m a mosquito magnet and they love to bite me in the worst places. They literally woke me up in the middle of the night 😩

Plan9 is the only operating system that impressed me with the “text as a user interface” concept

Just realized how bad it sounds in English.

I want to eat more مسمن‎

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Maya Gabeira surfed a 73.5-foot wave in February, breaking a world record in the process. The footage of that wave is insaaane..!

Link to video:

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Highlight reel of things that have made it into an archive recently rather than floating around in my files:

- recovered from my mirror of the Inferno Programming with Limbo site:

- a dis interpreter by rob pike:

- examples of using ‘typestr’ in Plan 9 for operator overloading:

- Japanese input method for 9 with extra bits from cinap, with love:

I always wanted to participate to Famicase, how do submissions work?

Mmmh I think it would be easy to make a script to convert the theme ecosystem svg’s to something that Sigrid patch to rio would understand 🤔

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Je vais essayer de voir si ça marche sur le fediverse français

Je recherche une alternance sur Paris dans le développement web (front-end/webdesign tout particulièrement), si vous avez des contacts ou besoin d'infos vous pouvez aller dans me DMs

Reposts appréciés pliz

<figure> and <figcaption> around <pre>:

Yeah or nah?

Me three month ago: mouse chording is neat. Where is my three buttons mice?

Me today: 9 buttons mechanical keyboard for mouse chordings and shortcuts go brrrrrrr

I try to take the best of newer specs with graceful fallback for older browser

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I also changed the index view behavior.

Instead of showing the document content, it will show a list of child documents with their summary (yeah I like grids now)

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