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I think I did everything critical about the install!

So hey! I made this forum where we can talk about visual arts (photography, video, design, sculpture, etc.), its theory, practices, ask for critiques, share your discoveries or the tools you made! The forum’s name is INTRFC for interface :)

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I’m roy niang (b. 1994). French artist based in Bordeaux, France. I mostly shoot photos but I also draw, write and design books.

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Is there a good music player for plan9? I’m getting a raspberry pi 4 with my next paycheck (smol paycheck lol)

I’m using a Windows machine at $dayjob (sales, not computer related), I’m super slow because we use an AZERTY keyboard, caps lock is mapped to… well, caps lock, and I’m trying to copy/paste with middle click/right click à la plan 9.

I’m brainfarting all day long 😭

Had WiFi problems, I didn’t trim everything but I’m uploading a build now, don’t make fun of me 😔

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I want to start a draft about malay now (the language)

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I’m putting my half empty wiki online 2NITE

Weird, upas/fs doesn’t ask for my IMAP password

https clone from my server do not work with git9 so I re-enabled the git-daemon

I’ll try to enable kvm on crux today 🤔

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Me being frustrated that #Github, a closed source platform, has become the backbone of open source development.

Is it possible (understand easy) to have shared services between machines running 9front? Thinking about something à la 🤔

Now I boot directly into my user and not Glenda, I can’t do shit 😔

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I don’t get how user management works on 9front 😩

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