Even more emojis! But now you can download them: 9fs royniang.com 👀

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I wonder if I can do crazy shit like binding the audio device of another machine to mine or vice/versa to stream music

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Keeping my repos up to date on every machines:


git/push -u somewhere
git/push -u somewhereelse

rcpu -h machine1 -c ‘git/pull’
rcpu -h machine2 -c ‘git/pull’

(Yeah rcpu starts from the same directory if it exists there)

On OpenBSD and on Linux, I used to store my config files in $home/etc. On 9front I began to track $home/lib.


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succumbing to riotous demand, i threw up a 'wiki' or more accurately personal garbage heap nightmare site


i wrote a static site generator for this which is just a makefile an a script for ssam


everything on there rn is just some junk i made to make sure it was above a certain threshold of broken and i never really intended people to look at it but you can now if you want some incomplete things

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Having a great deal of fun porting Lagrange to iOS. 📲

SDL & custom UI makes this pretty painless, but of course there is no support for things like OS accessibility features or media playback.

Even without those this is already quite usable, especially on the iPad. Plenty of work left to refine the UI for a phone, though.

I expect most of this is directly applicable to Android as well, as long as I figure out how to compile all the dependencies.


Also, some font merging to get more Unicode coverage + bonus End Of Transmission glyph so I don’t get blanks on 9grid’s chat :)

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I did this only because I was fed up of emails and chatrooms with blank characters, it’s clearly not the most elegant solution :p

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Bad news: I had to write python to create emoji with more or less the same height of the main font

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