I’m roy niang (b. 1994). French artist based in Bordeaux, France. I mostly shoot photos but I also draw, write and design books.

@royniang Bienvenu! I see you're a fellow chemical photography enthusiast...

There's literally mutiple of us here!

cc @rupert @noue

@raelzero @royniang @noue I’m buying a medium format camera soon, it’s about to get wacky. Really interested in getting some 35mm adaptors for 120 format, but that makes it impossible to rewind the film so I guess I have to start developing my own film 👨🏻‍🎨

@rupert @raelzero @royniang medium format is awesome. Which format / camera will you use?

Developing black and white film is not very difficult but requires some method and a little equipment. It can get you excellent result for scanning too.

@noue @raelzero @royniang looking at a Bronica SQ as a cheapish option. They have pretty nice ones with a portrait lens for around 300 USD at my local camera store

@rupert @noue @raelzero if you were in Europe, Soviet cameras are easy to get! The Kiev 88 is a good camera to begin with medium format.

@royniang @noue @raelzero Id love one of those! Seems to be the “Soviet Hasselblad”

@rupert @noue @raelzero I heard that people managed to mount hasselblad glass on these ahah

They also made some nice contax clone

@royniang @noue @raelzero I’ll plan on bringing one back on my next European trip :)

@rupert @royniang @raelzero imho Kiev88 are uncomparable to Hasselblads guys ! They are very cool though :)

@noue @rupert @raelzero I got to use one for a studio gig and indeed, it’s something else

@royniang @noue @raelzero

I hope that one day we have the opportunity to have a hybrid medium format camera (film or digital backed) that doesn't cost as much as the newer Hasselblads

@rupert @noue @raelzero well, they are still marketing full frame sensors as the champion’s gear

@royniang @noue @raelzero

I shoot an APS-C Fuji when I shoot digital and I can't imagine moving to FF digital any time soon. Large format film though? Might have to try it out :)

@rupert @royniang @raelzero yeah medium and large format, its a completely different game. In terms of artistic process at least.

But I am always surprised how different analogue prints in larger format look compared to 35mm. Must love every format though :)

@noue @rupert @raelzero well I know I won’t shoot large format for street ahah

@royniang @noue @rupert Wow! That's a nice thread that you started :D

Hasselblads are amazing, but IMO they do start to get unwieldy after the initial magic disappears. My MF travel camera is a Voigtländer Bessa I Color-Skopar that I got for 160€ in Brussels. Exceptional camera & quality, only issue is the lack of rangefinder.

The Bronica SQ-Ai is something I eyed too. Might be good as a cheaper, more technologically advanced Hasselblad!

@raelzero @royniang @noue yep! That bronica really does everything I want and I can get them locally which is awesome

@royniang 6x6 triX 400 pulled at 250 in Rodinal 1+50.

@noue slow speed, slow process, big negs, are you shooting landscapes ?

@royniang yes Mamiya c330 with 80 and 55 and 645Super with a 70. I love street phot as well but broke all my point and shoots. Using a Minolta with 50 atm but I don't get much chance to shoot anymore. Would like to try digital at some point :)

@noue now that the Ricoh griii is out, maybe the grii is cheap?

@noue I have a friend who always have his grii, it fits in a pocket really easily!

@royniang hi, I've followed you for your Takeshi Kitano shitpost on birdsite

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