I saw Yoshiharu Tsuge lmao what a day.

@royniang whoa i'm glad he's still alive and kicking, does he have some exhibit or event?

@tomasteck yes there is one, and it might be the only one. I’m not sure it will travel :(

You can check the exhibition until 15/03/20

They also sell the catalogue :)

@tomasteck fun fact: Charles Burns came to see if Tsuge was real lol. Asano wasn’t able to talk, too nervous.

@royniang ah, that's nice! Munou no Hito is one of my favourite (semi)autobiographical manga, along with Mizuki's works

@tomasteck They both are in my top 10 autobiographical comics! And it’s a genre that I love :)

@royniang i guess i'd add Higashimura's Kakukaku Shikajika to my top three, an absolute love letter to mentor figures.

do you keep a reading list for comics?

@tomasteck It will be published in French this year I believe, I’ll check it :)
Have you read The Arab of the Future by Riad Sattouf or Julia Wertz’s work? I love their work!

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