is there a irc chan?

@royniang on EsperNET. old af tho and we just shout 'happy void day' there

@cblgh too bad :( mastodon is a pretty nice forum but chatting once in a while would be nice

@royniang totally agree, masto just doesn't work for chat. there's more people in the slack if yr not there already

@cblgh I don't really like slack, but there is a IRC gateway I think?

@royniang ikr <.< i wanna get such that merveilles could e.g. use it as a p2p replacement for slack, and supplement the town with realtime chat

@raelzero @cblgh Riot was very slow and unstable the last time I tried it but I'll check it :D

@royniang @raelzero @cblgh I'd join if you create matrix/riot. Even if it's unstable, I'd be happy to try to use it contribute towards it being stable!

@royniang @cblgh Maybe there’s some way we could integrate it into The Hallway? That’s sort of an irc channel anyway, with rooms and a public backlog.

@drisc @cblgh mmmh twtxt is not very suited for chat. It's nice for webrings members updates :/

@royniang @cblgh True, it would require some kind of client to make changes to the twtxt file easily and at that point you’d be better just using Cabal or IRC

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