@solderpunk I’m having fun with shizaru! Is it possible to specify hostnames?

@royniang Glad you are enjoying! Sorry for the highly inadequate documentation, hope it hasn't caused you too much trouble yet. Do you mean to do name-based virtual hosting? Or do you just want to see a "Host:" header in the response?

@solderpunk Oh it's okay, it's easy to navigate and read variables.
I'm a pretty bad sysadmin (but it's okay, I only host non critical services!), but I want to host multiple subdomains from the same service. The thing is that every subdomains will read from the same doc dir :)

@royniang Okay, got it! Currently, this is not possible, but I agree that it would be a good thing to have in future. I will try to get around to it soon, please feel free to either open an issue at the tildegit page to remind me and/or occasionally ping me here. :)

@solderpunk Thanks! :)
Meanwhile I'll try to add some subdomains to the BadDomains list

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