I think I did everything critical about the install!

So hey! I made this forum where we can talk about visual arts (photography, video, design, sculpture, etc.), its theory, practices, ask for critiques, share your discoveries or the tools you made! The forum’s name is INTRFC for interface :)

Do anyone know a good template for community guidelines?

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By the way, if you need a place to talk about the tools you made, I think that this forum will fit :)

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@royniang Any particular reason you chose Discourse? :)

@hxii looks good on mobile and desktop, active community, easy to deploy and backup/restore (did tests today!)

@royniang I tried to sign up, but never did receive the "confirm your email" email (I did check my spam mailbox)

@gueorgui mmmh my mail got sent but your server rejected it because the domain is too recent (which is weird). I manually activated your account :)

@gueorgui np!! I can understand that you would temporarily put a domain in spams, but blacklisting is tough ahah

@royniang My email is on Fastmail, if you can email me the technical details (like a log from your server?) I can raise a ticket with them and see what they say!

@royniang maybe you should make a presentation thread btw !

@Merristasis wdym? Of the forum itself or for members?

I didn’t do much yet because I have a lot to do now that the lockdown ended ahaha

@royniang Of the members, so people can explain what they do etc

@Merristasis sure! I’ll create a megathread, I forgot about this because discourse have a bio field in users card. But it might be interesting to create a megathread!

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