Keeping my repos up to date on every machines:


git/push -u somewhere
git/push -u somewhereelse

rcpu -h machine1 -c ‘git/pull’
rcpu -h machine2 -c ‘git/pull’

(Yeah rcpu starts from the same directory if it exists there)


I wonder if I can do crazy shit like binding the audio device of another machine to mine or vice/versa to stream music

@royniang this totally works! i wouldn't recommend it over wifi though, streaming raw pcm is VERY bandwidth intensive. you'd be better off encoding it to send over the network, then decoding it on the other end.

@royniang you can use aux/trampoline to work like netcat. it makes a network connection and transmits stdin, and will print what it receives on stdout.

@foura reading about aux/trampoline, sounds (lol) amazing

@royniang hmm this solves my vmx sound problem. im gonna hack up a quick example and put it on shithub.

@royniang this should work. untested because my drawterm audio isn't working yet, i need to add pulseaudio support or just install sndio.

@royniang does it work lol? if you wanted you could probably write a program in c so you can bind over /dev and replace /dev/audio with one that sends audio over the network.

@foura I mean I can imagine the crazy stuff you could make with trampoline + rimport

@royniang i haven't really investigated into it too much. i just use it to forward secstore connections from my other servers to my auth+fs box.

@royniang hmm ill put an article up on my site once the site builder is done, but for now:

i have 3 dell optiplex office pcs running as servers. one cpu (mostly for vmx), one venti, and the main fs+auth server.

for terminals i have a thinkpad x41t that i'm trying to write a wifi driver for, and drawterm on my thinkpad t430s (modded with the old keyboard)

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