Today I received my DIY trackball kit and had fun building it. It's all open source and uses QMK for its firmware, so no drivers needed! It works flawlessly on 9front :)

(Yeah that mat is dirty I KNOW, my clean one is drying right now)

Right now I'm using a hub, but I'd like to have a switch of some sort to use my devices on my thinkpad and my macbook 🤔

Mmmh it seems that I'm dumb because I tested it on 9front, yes, BUT via drawterm 🤦‍♂️

I'll try to hack kb.c to get it working :)

Oh well, after flashing an update, it now works natively on 9front

@royniang holy shit they got a QMK gaming mouse? thats so sick

thanks so much for the link

@critbase No problem! I also heard good things about their mouse :D

@royniang Wicked! My QMK keyboard - the #moonlander will be coming in 3 weeks. Next will be a mouse or trackball. Is your trackball by any chance from this company?

@nikdonikde Exactly! They are the only one making QMK compatible trackball/mice afaik :)

@royniang Wicked! Guess who gave me the link to The CEO of ZSA himself -
Simply because they do not have a solution for now, but they have some interesting plans for the future, from the little I can tell!

Please let us know how you like the trackball after few days of use! I think folks here would appreciate some evaluation! Cheers

@striker Amazing! It feels pretty natural to use and it is very comfy :)

@royniang do you have to stretch your thumb to use those button on the side? It's one of the issue I have with my current trackball (an elecom huge)

@striker I don't think that my hands are large (I'd say they are quite normal?) and I can reach everything without moving :)

I think that mouse button 2 and 3 are weird there, so with QMK i bound them to the right side for easier chording

@royniang love it. I have been a trackball user for years before moving to a TEX Shinobi as my main driver can I have the URL for kit?

@caffo How's the nipple compared to a Thinkpad Laptop? Is there a DPI setting? Because recent Thinkpad with larger monitors have nipple not acting "right" :P

Here it is:

@royniang it’s been working fine on my 27” iMac Pro. Never had issues after setting it up.

@caffo Good to know, maybe it's a calibration thing on Lenovo's part :)

@royniang absolutely. I’m doing simple pixel pushing using mine so it’s in a good state. :)

Ugh, these golf editions are hard to resist! I used a ltrac one that’s out of market and never found a better one.

@caffo I'd say that the worst case scenario is that you couldn't get the limited colors BUT you could 3D print them yourself :p

@royniang that's pretty cool! didn't even know that existed

@lain Electronics aside, you can make new parts easily with a 3D printer, sooo rad

@royniang nice! I’ve been back and forth on getting once for a while... my CST is just so solid that it’s tough to imagine using something else

@royniang absolutely, but qmk on a pointer is tempting!

@royniang do you know how the nano clicks? i'm just having trouble imagining a trackball with no buttons.

@inscript i think it’s just to move around! Something you’d put between two halves of an ergo keyboard (which can be programmed to have mouse buttons) or a macropad, or to navigate in some software I guess

@royniang That mouse looks awesome. I only wish the trackball was for the thumb :(

@contrapak i think that they said that if enough people showed interest in a thumb trackball, they would consider designing one :)

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