I configured nginx and builds.sr.ht to deploy my wiki! I never used building services but it was easier than I thought :D

Done with my exports, I'm toying with css before going to sleep.

@rutherford 👋 I noticed a typo on one of Nichrome’s poster, the French paragraph should end like this “VOIR LE MANUEL D’UTILISATION”

Every books I like are in bold in my reading list. I didn't take risks during the lockdown ahah

I think he’s a endearing boy that used to talk about photography and who’s now also into cars, his muscular bod and productivity lol

Reminds me that a friend of mine created this meme btw

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I’m reading Bonten Taro’s gekigas for the third time, it’s always a really weird but fun experience.

(I won’t post pictures as his work can be gore or erotic, but I attached the tattoo session he had with Charlie Sheen, and the clothes he designed for Ali lol)

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