@ciel cmus or ncmpcpp if you want to control it from your local network :)

I'm deleting some repos from github and I found my first logging project:

It was a R script that created charts of my coffee consumption out of a .txt database.

I logged 90+ days and went from 6 cups average to 2.5 :D

subdomain or shorter domain for the wiki 🤔

@suvij @freedcreative @deianeira InDesign is not that great, Adobe UI’s being targeted towards “pro” is 100% bs, it’s a mess

@suvij @freedcreative @deianeira InDesign’s Monopoly is frightening, you can pretty much open a psd with anything, but I have yet to see a cross software idml compatibility

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Our friends brought us to this amazing little floating house for drinks. We spent our last day in Mie there. It's very sad to be leaving this place, we're looking forward to come back already.

@neauoire I’m going for it, koikoi is cute and I like its polysemy :)

I configured nginx and builds.sr.ht to deploy my wiki! I never used building services but it was easier than I thought :D

@drisc It's a really good movie, I added it to my watchlist :D

@drisc koikoi is cute, I think I like it, i'm all watwat when I type so.......

I'm trying to find a name for my wiki. I came up with KOIKOI (like the card game, and Koi means "what" in a poorly written french), and... nothing else so far.

Names are hard

Ebooks sucks, read on paper, save the book economy and editorial diversity by helping your indie bookseller or amazon will win and your only choice will be classics and empty best-sellers

@xiroux Thank you! I only added the viewport scale meta tag but it works so far :D

@rutherford easier to drag and drop than use macos' font book if you ask me

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