I learned about:

- font specifications and workflows
- python 3, which I oddly love and hate
- hating make, but hating cmake even more
- cooking onions before garlic makes everyone happy

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Hello merveilles, I come back from yet another of “read specs and try new things” era.

I’m barely able to save money for Robofont tho 😔

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That Nova editor by Panic looks good honestly, and it’s snappy

@julienxx 4, maybe 5? I never timed it, but I know that I went through a afternoon once or twice

@julienxx yeah, I do most UNIX stuff via SSH/SSHfs with my MacBook now, so I don’t mind switching between 9front and Win10 on the ThinkPad :p

Apparently there’s drawbot-skia for multi platform graphics but type support is still poor if I understand correctly

@julienxx not yet, I’m considering to triple boot haiku on my t480s, just checking :)

Headless drawterm would be easy to port, dunno about Qt

Today I received my DIY trackball kit and had fun building it. It's all open source and uses QMK for its firmware, so no drivers needed! It works flawlessly on 9front :)

(Yeah that mat is dirty I KNOW, my clean one is drying right now)


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