*checking my logs*

ahah 10 days afk, afirl, I have a lot of things to do...

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My flu was so weak I only had to stay in my bed to beat it, ah!

@neauoire @0xxg4 yeah I thought so, I would if I didn't need InDesign :/

@flip oh well I read his last threads, ppl should be more clever with their takes. He dragged himself into guilt by association if I understand correctly

@flip damn, social skeleton didn’t read his instance’s coc 😔

@flip wow okay so he killed the instance afterward ?

@raelzero ah nice, thanks! I think that the most difficult part will be to decrypt-partition-encrypt my macos install ahah

@0xxg4 @neauoire ah nice it's recent! I'll check if people got good results with other distros :)

I replaced my macbook pro's keyboard and battery.

Now how do I dualboot linux on this machine ?

chinese is complicated and I’m not in a disciplined mood 😩

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@tomasteck It will be published in French this year I believe, I’ll check it :)
Have you read The Arab of the Future by Riad Sattouf or Julia Wertz’s work? I love their work!

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