@rostiger @aadil yes it does, you can override this with an option, I forgot which one so you should check the man page :)

@neauoire Okay, let’s try to imitate sl’s riostart script to have this layout :)

@b was about to say that Cthulu was old school but so are animals 🤔

@solderpunk @glenda @neauoire you can modify the profile file (deployed with the newuser script) to bind a repository to user's home dir :)

@raelzero it looks less dry than K&R, but really should finish (begin) this one :p

@raelzero she is the best!

Effective C: An Introduction to Professional C Programming, Robert C. Seacord, 2020.

@neauoire she really is, she was my rockstar when I was 10 when she was working for IBM, now she is my rockstar because she helps everyone in my family :>

I told my aunt that I suck at C, she bought me an ebook lmaooo

@hecanjog @neauoire @aadil Sure! I'm not an expert but tracking "lost knowledge" is a blast, always happy to share/work on plan9 sysadmin stuff :D

I’m switching from Alpine to OpenBSD for my server, hostname is oyabun lmao

@neauoire @narF @rek c’est pas l’homme qui prend la mer, c’est la mer qui prend l’homme ta dada :D


@glenda I didn’t investigate yet, but I think so. I rewrote network virtual devices’ configurations a week ago but didn’t need Internet access :p

I’ll try to ip/ping an IP address to be sure

@glenda weird, I can't connect to the internet neither from my vm, even if netaudit doesn't complain

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