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hello, i'm rozina (you probably know me from, and i'm an artist, a creative coder, and experimental electronic musician (as well as being many other things). i decided to join this instance because i like the small close knit community feel that this instance has. i believe that technology should center around sustainability and longetivity (as well as being a firm believer of the right to repair, and using foss tools wherever i can), so i think i'll fit right in.

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I miss dorky little websites all linked by web-rings, where people would write about their special interests and host files and stuff. Web-rings kicked ass actually.

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Buy used, when you buy.

Repair things when you can.

Stop consuming media that was produced by billionaires and invest your time in open content.

Create open content.

Share the thing you've created with your friends.

Write a blog, instead of posting to facebook. Use mastodon instead of twitter.

Buy your food locally, and when it's in season.

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We’ve been promised a decentralized Internet for nearly 30 years, yet every year the Internet gets more obviously centralized.

if i was the ceo of a big company and had £billions to my name, i would simply pay everyone fairly

i checked my spotify wrapped for this year and the results are (...uhh) underwhelming, but then again, i didn't really use it that much this year

what's the big deal with spotify at the moment?

i think i need to write a book about all the dreams i've had, along with creating a few vr games of the dream world/universe (if i knew how to create stuff in vr)

i walk into my house, and i tell the girl to come in. however, despite her now being a carbon copy of me, she refuses to come in, mainly referring to the pandemic that i've told her about.

i wave her goodbye and she walks back home, however, she doesn't have a phone, so i can't check on her.

i go back to her house, and realise that they no longer live there anymore, let alone know that she ever existed at all.

i go into my room and finally eat the chocolate, reflecting on this whole thing.

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on the way there, i explain everything that will happen to her in the next 12 years, and funnily enough, she starts to grow up right in front me until she starts to look like my twin.

not only have we gone to my house on the other side of town, we've also travelled through time as well. however, despite time travelling 12 years into the future, i haven't aged a day. the year is now 2021, which explains why i haven't aged a day, but the 8 year old girl has.

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the 8 year old girl looks at me curiously and says "who are you?" because i'm equally taken aback since she reminds me so much of how i was when i was 8 years old.

i simply tell her that i'm the future version of her and she refuses to believe it, so i ask the parents if i can take her on a walk, telling them that she'll be back before it gets dark.

they say yes and i take her to my house, which is on the other side of town.

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i look at the time, and realise that it's quickly approaching 11am, which means that i've got an online class soon, so i pull out of my laptop (presumably out of thin air), and boot it up, only to realise that my laptop is running a corrupted version of ubuntu, which i can't get rid of.

after much frustration, i decide to use the family computer (in the study under the stairs). i finally get it to work, but i cannot find ms teams at all, because apparently the year is 2009 and it doesn't exist.

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after having the food, i decide to walk back home, however, i forget that i moved house and walk straight to my childhood home instead.

inside, i see a family that's eerily familiar to my family, and i shake it off, thinking that they're some other family. there's a little girl, aged around 8, who has the exact same name as me, and she currently has 2 younger brothers, which are just like mine.

i realise that i travelled back in time, but i don't believe it, and decide to watch tv instead.

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i finally make it to the food truck, and i order 2 melted and toasted cheese sandwiches as well as a salted caramel flapjack.

i expect this to cost at least £10, but it only costs £2, and the guy at the food truck hands me a £5 note. i tell him that it was too much change, but with a strong foreign accent, he says "take it" and so i do.

i sit down at a bench, and suddenly the stately home disappears and i'm now sat in the park with the coffee magically appearing in my hand. i consume the food.

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i assume that just after half past 6 is the normal time, until my smartwatch finally decides to turn on, with the time showing "08:02" for just a hot second, and i realise that i'm late for something, but i don't know what i'm late for.

it's too late to leave the queue since there's only 2 people in front of me, and i didn't come all this way for nowt, plus i'm extra hungry at this point (despite still clutching the chocolate bars in my hand, which i didn't want to eat at this moment in time).

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i walk through the gardens until i see a food truck in the distance, and i walk towards it. the food truck finally has something that i want, however, there's a long queue of people waiting, people that i didn't recall seeing on my way to the food truck.

i quickly check the time on my watch (for some reason, i've got 2 watches on the same wrist: my smartwatch with a little bit of battery left, and a golden analogue alarm clock, where the time's stuck at just after half past 6)

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however, the (new) food counters were in a fancy hall/hotel lobby (and the original coffee shop was out of sight, so i couldn't go back until i had chosen the food), but they didn't have the food that i wanted, so i decide to walk for a while to see what else they've got.

i walk for what seems like miles, walking through the college i used to go to, and then walking through a stately country home.

after what seems like forever, i finally make it to the gardens which belong to the country home.

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i thank the person at the till and make my way out of the store, heading to costa coffee for a bit of coffee (i mean, why else would i go in there?), but there were some new social distancing rules, which meant that if you wanted any food with the coffee, you had to go round the back behind the counter in order to choose the food that you want.

i think "okay, fair enough" and go around the counter to see what options they've got, and deciding what it is that i want.

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as i was going to the till to pay for them, there was a group of people around my age who were arguing (with the argument slowly turning into a fight), but i ignored them since i just wanted to pay for my damn chocolate.

the person at the till (a blondish woman in her 30's) praises me for being really calm and mature for my age, despite the situation going on, and ends up giving me an extra £20 change, when really i just paid with a £5 note and expected £3 change.

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had another blursed dream sequence last night (a bit long, so this probably will end up being a thread) where i went to town to get some things, first stopping off at whsmith in order to get some chocolate (i think i decided to buy two crunchie chocolate bars), but all of the chocolate bars were wrapped in bubble wrap (they all still had their original wrappers on, but there was bubble wrap on top of the original wrappers)

why is writing starting to feel so hard recently? like, i know what i want to say, but i keep making a lot of mistakes where things don't make sense and i end up spelling words wrong (whereas before, i could easily do it without thinking about it), so idk what's happening.

sometimes it feels like all the letters are jumping/floating around or sth, where i have to read things multiple times to be able to understand it

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