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i am here now.

my name is rrix, i'm looking forward to meeting folks here. i am a creative coder living seattle washington. i care about data privacy, decentralized organization, malleable systems, tea, blue skies. i spent a short time becoming disillusioned in silicon valley, and i am realigning towards my own just goals now.

(I will be posting some hobbies and interests in unlisted replies) maybe not

actually i wonder if i could get zig spitting out 68k. fun idea.

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what if i got a palmos dev toolchain running

sending cranky emails to a newspaper editor about their RSS feeds again...

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So what's going on with Signal's new architecture that retains all user data? It seems like a total reversal of their previous stance and one that dramatically changes their threat model. Their new security properties rely entirely on SGX, which is barely secure against motivated home users, much less nation state adversaries.

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decided it was smart to weed the yard during the hottest part of the day. our landlord pays people to mow twice a month, and they've been running a mower over weeds for the last two months, finally got to the weeds before they did.

well, I've definitely drank enough for today. Tomorrow my local tea house is live-streaming a blind-tasting session of four high mountain teas:

well I drank all four, a lot of 'em, and now i can barely type...! i've had (and have) two of these, but the other two I haven't had before, so it's been great to compare these together.

Gosh, I am stumbling across so many corner cases as I build out this CMS; i've done it countless times now and every time I've forgotten how much it's just "shovel strings from this adhoc format to this adhoc format"

but at least I have my "standard" assets pack integrated with this, complete with some simple syntax highlighting

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I've got it working, here's a localhost view of my org-roam wiki, an Elixir Phoenix app backed by the org-roam sqlite3 database. Next, I will write the multi-site router, and finally get my new Literate Programming docsite up and running. I feel like I'm sprinting towards a functional MVP.

i have been daydreaming a lot lately and i intend to continue

tech gripe 

easier to install skype on Fedora than to play an mp3 on Fedora

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tea internship 

well, I got a callback, I have a skype interview on Sunday evening with the tea farm outside Kyoto that I may spend some time working on this fall.


the pokemon sw/sh soundtrack is pretty hecken good.


really considering dropping or reworking the gendered nouns, too, if we "fork" tokipona.

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I don't know that "lipu sona pu" is the right construct or grammar for "flashcards from the tokipona book".

i think it is really self-indulgent that pu is used for such a narrow thing, i am already finding that my roommates and i may want to develop our own shorthand words. if the author is willing to be this self-indulgent why shouldn't we?

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mi pali e lipu sona pu

i'm making flashcards of the book examples in org-mode!

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