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The other day, learning about developing film, I didn’t find it harder than making coffee with an aeropress tbh

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I'd like to set up a small solar panel setup and place on my window. Any advice? I'd use it to charge some battery packs.

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Just found out that my local university has a huge photo lab, darkrooms with enlargers, negative scanners, etc. For $100 a semester it sounds like a pretty good deal.

Looking to learn SDL2 programming, in either Rust or Nim, to build some cool desktop apps, does anyone have a recommended resource?

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Learning how to develop film, found some downsides :\

My camera's meter was affected by the new 1.5v battery and I didn't compensate, leading to some pretty crazy over-exposure, scanned with my Fuji X-H1 and iphone as a backlight, hence the grid of pixels underneath

Some images from my first home-processed and scanned roll of film

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@raelzero @noue

- 4x 120 backs
- 2x light meters
- 2x Bronica SQ-A
- 3x assorted flashes
- 50, 80, 150mm lenses
- hoods and body caps
- pelican carrying case
- prism finder
- waist level finder

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working in business to business software is slowly sucking the life out of me.

Anyone have any podcast recommendations that feel creative and positive? "Merveilles like"

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