Any recommendations for a photography spot meter around $200? @raelzero @noue @royniang


@raelzero @noue @royniang Also read as a general discussion of light metering. Do you do it in camera when you can/use a smart phone? I have been doing it entirely in camera but I've learned not to trust my OM-1, it seems to not pick up all the light.

@rupert @raelzero @noue I don't use light meter and if I wanted to buy one I would get an incident light meter and meter for the mid tones/shadow. I use Sunny 16, "overexpose" and I'm covered :p

I think that some good sekonic are under 200 USD

@rupert @noue @royniang

The OM4's in-camera spot meter works very well for me when I use it! Maybe if you like the OM system you could consider a body upgrade? The OM4 is an amazing camera anyway.

Otherwise, the other film cameras I use are purely mechanical, so no in-camera metering...

@raelzero @noue @royniang Maybe one day :) I've pretty much decided to put any camera purchases on hold, forcing me to use the equipment I have in different ways. That Ultimate Exposure Computer link is _extremely_ interesting to me, might have to burn a roll experimenting with that. (or use my digital camera I guess, that would probably be cheaper)

@rupert @noue @royniang Well, if you have a shop that sells film cameras, you might be able to do a trade-in for the OM4 and only spend peanuts.

Coming from an OM1, I'd see this just a way to "fix" your equipment, if it's not serving you well.

Ultimate Computer is mostly the EV system you also find on Hasselblad lenses combined with Sunny 16.

To get started, you could use the Lightmeter app to get the EV spot reading, and then move that to the camera using the Exposure Computer.

@raelzero @rupert @royniang the best argument I can find for a light meter is the ability to measure incident light as well as reflected light. But all depends on your project really. What kind of photography / subject do you like? Do you shoot B&W or C41 or E6?

@raelzero @rupert @royniang I would go for the classic sekonic entry level. This was enough for me as I don't like shooting in studios. Spot meters are great but will be overkill for your setup.

Any case you will have to adjust your exposure to your reading, maybe half a stop up or down. Find your way through the process and of you don't like your meter you can still sell it :).

@noue @raelzero @rupert exactly, it will keep its value, you’ll loose the shipping cost :)

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