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Hey, I'm Rutherford (Ruð) — I'm a type designer studying in The Hague. Into space, worldbuilding, and making pretty stuff.

Took basically everything off my website (temporarily), but I did add a new time tracker stats thing:

Draw some small caps and diacritics, they said. It will be fun, they said.

Is there much point in asking what other people think about solipsism?

Spent some time this week playing with web stuff (again).
I made a flat-file wiki engine built on a couple of Zeit lambdas, including a fuzzy search feature:

@neauoire forgive me if this is documented somewhere, but what is 'UNDE' short for in the Oscean lexicon?

I rebuilt my website, using a static site builder I made in Python.
Lost the nice URLs and search feature and some responsive stuff, but now has better time tracker integration and support for dark mode. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Some more weird font stuff: you can swap glyphs around based on the current font weight (on a variable axis).

(this is an anisotropic interpolation between two weight masters — the point X coordinates are from a light weight, the Y coordinates are from a bold)

Is anyone else working on a famicase submission this year?

(cc )

@neauoire hej! I wanted to ask your opinions about log format. I've been quite happy with json until now, but this week I tried out plaintext tabular data and I'm wondering if that would be better going forward (the file is much smaller, but also a little more complicated to update with scripts).

Recently someone also recommended that I use SQLite, but I don't know enough to have much of an opinion about that.

Do you have strong views about these options?
Does it ultimately matter?

This week's side project: Keelback, an ultralight static wiki generator in a single Python script. Featuring quick local links, auto-populating category lists, random content from one of @uonai's tweets.

The eventual goal is to rework my website to be less PHP-reliant, with deeper time tracker integration and markdown-based file formatting.

Built this lil 6-key mechanical keyboard macro pad thing today!
It runs CircuitPython, so I can program it to do pretty much anything

Variable font stuff.

This is Apple SF Display, which ships with macOS as a variable font.

First semester over. I'll post details of what I worked on in the coming days (provided I have time) — until then, here's a little preview of my workspace.

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