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Hey, I'm Rutherford (Ruð) — I'm a type designer studying in The Hague. Into space, worldbuilding, and making pretty stuff.

Some more weird font stuff: you can swap glyphs around based on the current font weight (on a variable axis).

(this is an anisotropic interpolation between two weight masters — the point X coordinates are from a light weight, the Y coordinates are from a bold)

Is anyone else working on a famicase submission this year?

(cc )

@neauoire hej! I wanted to ask your opinions about log format. I've been quite happy with json until now, but this week I tried out plaintext tabular data and I'm wondering if that would be better going forward (the file is much smaller, but also a little more complicated to update with scripts).

Recently someone also recommended that I use SQLite, but I don't know enough to have much of an opinion about that.

Do you have strong views about these options?
Does it ultimately matter?

This week's side project: Keelback, an ultralight static wiki generator in a single Python script. Featuring quick local links, auto-populating category lists, random content from one of @uonai's tweets.

The eventual goal is to rework my website to be less PHP-reliant, with deeper time tracker integration and markdown-based file formatting.

Built this lil 6-key mechanical keyboard macro pad thing today!
It runs CircuitPython, so I can program it to do pretty much anything

Variable font stuff.

This is Apple SF Display, which ships with macOS as a variable font.

First semester over. I'll post details of what I worked on in the coming days (provided I have time) — until then, here's a little preview of my workspace.

Specimen book for a typeface I worked on this semester. I'll follow up with a bunch of extra info on this... soon

Some more Arabic type I made this semester. It was an absolute privilege to learn & work with this script.

I'm not saying I named the font just to put the time tracker in alphabetical order... but it wasn't entirely a coincidence.

Today I have been working on All Those Weird European Letters

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