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Hey, I'm Rutherford (Ruð) — I'm a type designer studying in The Hague. Into space, worldbuilding, and making pretty stuff.

Some more Arabic type I made this semester. It was an absolute privilege to learn & work with this script.

Diacritics update: still working on it, but making progress.

I'm not saying I named the font just to put the time tracker in alphabetical order... but it wasn't entirely a coincidence.

Today I have been working on All Those Weird European Letters

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A letter I designed at the start of 2018 and carved in stone at the end of it.

Maybe my favourite part of any typeface design, the detail/curve pass. Turning the basic 'mass' into a balanced, tuned letter.

I don't know if anyone else uses a similar staged process (proportion → mass → detail) but for me it's ecstatically satisfying.

Last year, my new year’s resolution was to stop waiting until January to change my habits.
This year’s will be the same.

SATURN /// 1985
Sixteen-segmented display for a course assignment.

This is kinda fun, I'm excited to show what the script behind it can do.

Endpapers from a guide to sailboats of North America: logos. c.1984
I’d love to hear which are your favourites.

I've been thinking a lot recently about a sense of responsibility that comes with designing type. It's a field where the customer frequently cannot tell the quality of the work above a certain level, so as designers it's important to ensure that quality stays high. If enough designers start half-baking things because they can get away with it (or because they don't know better), it's a race to the bottom.

I feel like this must also be true of other fields. Does anyone have another example?

@neauoire I love the new icons on here! Can I make a suggestion?

“We value your privacy. That's why we're giving you a legally-mandated opportunity to stop us from completely ignoring your privacy.” — Websites, 2018

Added a graph of recent days' logs to chronologicon (also, check out how it looks with different terminal schemes)

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