Got some new pedals and went for a first decent-length ride on my new bike yesterday, about 30km. I’ve never been much of a cyclist, but I have to admit it was fun as hell.

Reminiscent of the various other MICR-derived typefaces (Data 70, Westminster, etc) but this seems to predate all of them.

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Added everything from my hard drive to the new website. All my (non-NDA) personal work since 2017:

Trying not to turn my new site into a portfolio, but I added a page for my past Famicase entries:

Siren-song rushes down the tracks, and then like thunder comes the sound of the train — a gleaming red engine bursting from the tunnelmouth. She stands behind the line as the parachutes drag it to a stop.

I have a new website (and behind the scenes, a new static site builder). This edition is more of a memex than a portfolio. Still very WIP

What’s the origin of the {internal} / [external] link syntax, using braces/brackets?
(See & various other sites on the webring)

And he stayed there five thousand years, and then woke up unharmed. Oh, give or take a few months; I mean, you know, you can't be too exact on a thing like this. And he somehow thought that he was going to come out and see a very futuristic world with all kinds of extremely super-modernistic devices flying through the air, and magical food pills and all that.

“The broad strokes are designed by hand; the details hallucinated on the fly by a neural network. The park bench will still be here tomorrow, but the grain of the wood will have changed.”

As the craft accelerated, the space ahead of it seemed to shimmer — at first only a faint, deep blue, but turning bright and golden as they approached light-speed. The more experienced sailors call this phenomenon ‘sunrise’.

I think I’d like to make this account a little closer to what I miss about old merveilles twitter (was discussing this with @ian yesterday). Less work, more esoteric microfiction.

Hey! Been a minute, or rather a lot of minutes. I've been missing a lot of the people who've migrated from Twitter, who I think can be found here, but I haven't done a good job making an effort. Hoping to change that, a little!

Thought I'd share some of my more recent photo work, too.

The more I think about software, the more I come to realise pretty much every development I actively enjoy working with is pre-2000...

"How did you do that‽"

I feel like this is a conversation I have at least once a week.


Thanks to the nice person who insisted they “already got covid last year, so this is just flu”. Now my boyfriend has to self-isolate for a week

Bicycle update: I found some info on the frame number and discovered it’s actually a 2010 model.

I have also discovered what 11 years of muck and oxidation does to a bottom bracket.

Bike update: this frame is gorgeous. It’s exactly my size. The rest (even the handlebars) might be too far gone to salvage, but the frame will live again

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