How do people feel about 'programming ligatures'? I have some thoughts.

(see Fira Code for examples:

none of them fancy filigree ink traps, I’m taking a chisel to the corners

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making a code font cause I still can’t find one I like that much

refactoring my time tracker again. I think this is like version 8 or something

Shoutout to frontend JS frameworks for yet again making the internet a generally worse place

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My internet connection for the last few days has been <1mb/s, and it’s making me acutely aware of just how data-inefficient everything is

“Generally people don’t consider long-term impacts”

'no code' = someone else’s inefficient, uneditable code

one of my irl friends keeps sending me "no-code" apps and I don’t know how to explain that the code is my favourite part

@neauoire Since we’re talking PostScript, do you know about FF Beowulf? (
Since fonts & printers used PostScript for describing glyph contours, it was possible to do things like randomising the outlines every time something is printed.

I used to hear type designers talk about their designs being multiple years in the making and think, how can it take that long?
Anyway this year I released something I started in 2016 and it’s still a work in progress

some days you just gotta sit down and refactor stuff for 8 hours. So many tiny improvements.

thing for generating words with the same advance width, but now supports custom word lists, doesn’t freak out when it encounters a diacritic.

A drag-and-drop web tool for reading font metadata. Probably more educational than practical

The best thing about type design is spending the morning annoyed by pens and the afternoon annoyed by software engineering

this weekend I’m trying out opentype.js. Made a character set previewer which populates itself by reading tables from a webfont.

Time for the annual portfolio site redesign. This time we’re doing tag-based project navigation avec le cartouche

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