some days you just gotta sit down and refactor stuff for 8 hours. So many tiny improvements.

thing for generating words with the same advance width, but now supports custom word lists, doesn’t freak out when it encounters a diacritic.

A drag-and-drop web tool for reading font metadata. Probably more educational than practical

The best thing about type design is spending the morning annoyed by pens and the afternoon annoyed by software engineering

this weekend I’m trying out opentype.js. Made a character set previewer which populates itself by reading tables from a webfont.

Time for the annual portfolio site redesign. This time we’re doing tag-based project navigation avec le cartouche

I couldn't find an 8x8 pixel font I liked for this tiny Pi display, so I made one.

People who use pixel fonts, what are the formats you'd typically use? Vector TTF / bitmap font / sprite sheet?
(don't read too much into this)

Hallo — are there any native German readers who could tell me whether these ß/ẞ constructions go together?
(also hi, it's been a while)

Draw some small caps and diacritics, they said. It will be fun, they said.

Is there much point in asking what other people think about solipsism?

Spent some time this week playing with web stuff (again).
I made a flat-file wiki engine built on a couple of Zeit lambdas, including a fuzzy search feature:

@neauoire forgive me if this is documented somewhere, but what is 'UNDE' short for in the Oscean lexicon?

I rebuilt my website, using a static site builder I made in Python.
Lost the nice URLs and search feature and some responsive stuff, but now has better time tracker integration and support for dark mode. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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