Trying to grow Amorphophallus paeoniifolius from seeds... looks like one of them might have made it!
(It’s the same genus as the titan arum, the world’s largest flowering structure, but not quite as huge)

Plant-sitting for a friend over the summer — which today involved renting an electric cargo bike to haul the various plants across the city.

One of the most fun vehicles I’ve ever used (driven? rode on?). And effectively a replacement for a huge chunk of potential car journeys

freelancer privilege is being able to abruptly drop everything at 3pm and rush to the botanical garden because their titan arum is about to flower
(it was great)

stay tuned for another episode of Rutherford Unwillingly Learns a New DIY Skill

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I have a project for which I need a clear glass/acrylic display case, like 60x60x12cm. Local plastic shop quoted nearly €1,000 with a 4-week lead time...

“Installing a Design System for Your One-Page React Static Site in Only 13 Easy Steps”

I’ve been trying out VS Code this week and good lord, the frequency with which this tool tries to be helpful and ends up being annoying...

Out now! Lithops by Daytona Mess, aka Anne-Dauphine Borione is a unique very display very organic semi modular typeface.

Its name stems from succulent plants to which it bears a resemblance, and was (loosely) inspired by Art Nouveau, Alzheimer brains and Matisse cut-outs.

Dowload it on

hey guess what it was the first one. I have discovered Schrödinger’s package, which is simultaneously installed and not installed

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the monitor is in portrait mode, which means today will end in either tears or elation

wanted to share some photos I was sent of how the Soul of the Beast physical release is coming along with other new Atari 26OO games🔥

I kinda can't believe this is a thing that is happening

cc @helveticablanc @rutherford

My Exhibition entry this year, “Recreational Bank Fraud” — a game about cooking the books from the comfort of your kitchen.
(feat. some fonts I made)

Every time I start making the specimen, I find a bunch of things to fix with the typeface.

Reader, it has taken me two years, but I have finally realised I should start on the specimen before the typeface is finished

Added impassable terrain and A* pathfinding so the lil astronaut can walk around
(next step will be to adjust the speed to account for slopes/foreshortening)

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