Today I have been working on All Those Weird European Letters

@rutherford Looks good!

Czech has a bunch More Weird Letters if you are bored :)

@jakub One of my teachers is Slovakian, so I've had some introduction already :)

@rutherford you can add Romanian ones - Ă, Â, Î, Ș and Ț 😋

@rutherford It gets even weirder. Zażółć gęślą jaźń ;)

@rutherford hahaha so true :) It's a kind of code that even most of us doesn't understand fully. All I can say is that if your country doesn't exist for more than a century, you get really specific and cryptic with your own language because it's all that makes you who you are.

@rutherford @bartek Similar deal with Vietnamese
I'm not sure exactly what the history is, but they've added so many accents and modifiers to the latin alphabet that you know their language wasn't supposed to be written that way in first place

@gaeel yeah, the Vietnamese tone marks are fascinating and daunting in equal measure. Thankfully not part of the assignment I'm working on right now...

@rutherford I think you forgot the uppercase ß: ẞ

haha jk you only need that for passports

@Lutrinus That's a can of worms I'm going to avoid for now, at least until I speak to some pros about it

@rutherford they just introduced it. Usually, if in german you write all caps, ß just becomes SS, so Straße -> STRASSE. On Passports, names have to be all caps, which is a problem if you have an ß in your name, because then your name is changed

@Lutrinus It's a controversial topic though, 'ß' has historically never had a capital form (and officially isn't even a letter). Some people strongly support it, but I have heard good arguments against.

@rutherford @Lutrinus This is a super fascinating debate that I'm just hearing about.

@rutherford Yeah, but I guess it's just a legal formality. People would get in trouble at borders because their names were written differently on different documents. I've never used it.

@Lutrinus One could argue that educating passport control officials about the ß might be better than inventing a new symbol, but then again, I don't know the specifics.

It's certainly true that having a string with different character lengths depending on whether it's upper or lowercase could be problematic.

@kupfers @Lutrinus The UK passport guidelines suggest it's for backwards-compatibility with IT systems. (They also allow only A–Z, not ß or ẞ, which is, I suppose, one way of dealing with the issue.)

@rutherford @Lutrinus … nor any kind of accented character, which the majority of Western languages use. To me, the arrogant supremacy of ascii-only languages is the problem.

I have a hard time imagining any OCR-system at an airport that can’t deal with lowercase letters. They were able to do so in the 1960s.

@rutherford @Lutrinus I bet you have read Peter Bilak’s fun story about his ’? (Which I can’t type on a phone 😞)

@kupfers This one?

He gave a mini-lecture at typemedia about how to write & space ď/ľ/ť — I'd love to learn more about them (and other 'rarer' diacritics)

@neauoire officially there's no Japanese on my course, but I have wanted to try designing some kana for a long time. Maybe a post-grad exercise?

In the meantime, Arabic has been satisfying my thirst for non-Latin writing scripts

@rutherford Looks good :triangle:

Can I just say that... I'd type that?

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