@rutherford i think that’s the same as one i’ve got…how long was your cutting in the water before it started to root, if you remember?

@tsrono I think maybe two weeks or so? I left it in water for a bit over a month while the roots grew & I found a nice pot

@rutherford i’ve had one in water for 4-5 days and not seeing rooting yet so i was starting to get worried…should be fine to give it a bit more then i hope. thanks!

@tsrono it probably just needs some more time!
With mine it looked like nothing was happening for ages, then one morning there was a tiny white bump on the lowest leaf node, and from there the roots grew out super fast

@rutherford My absolute favourite plant. Mine is over 30 years old through cuts and replanting. The current "instance" is about two years old.

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