Plant-sitting for a friend over the summer — which today involved renting an electric cargo bike to haul the various plants across the city.

One of the most fun vehicles I’ve ever used (driven? rode on?). And effectively a replacement for a huge chunk of potential car journeys

@rutherford my dream bike is a folding or easy to teardown, belt driven, electric cargo bike in this style 😍 I wonder if the folding aspect exists yet, I've DIY electrified a folding bike for non-cargo use before anyway...

@rutherford cargoroo sounds like such a french joke ("cargoroo" sounds like «cargo-roue» meaning cargo-wheel)

@lanodan that’s great! They’re a Dutch company, but I guess there are enough French speakers here that it could be intentional?

@rutherford You are lucky. I have visited Netherlands a few times, it's lovely and really nice people..

@rutherford I wish the parking space that comes with my appartment had a roof (like a carport). I would immediately by such a cargo bike with only one wheel at the front. Right now, my parking space is just empty throughout the year...

@beta3 whereabouts are you based? In my area in the Netherlands, these are available to rent (about €4/hour), so unless you’re using it pretty routinely you can keep the parking space empty (or fill it with plants?)

@rutherford I'm currently living in Salzburg, Austria. Afaik, the city rents out cargo bikes here, too. In the end however, we always end up using our kids bike trailer for all of our transportation needs. (The house has a bike room and if we detach the trailer both the bike and the trailer fit in. But a cargo bike would be too bulky for the narrow entrance.)

Still, the modern cargo bikes are just so much nicer to handle. Owning one would be a bit of a luxury. ;)

@rutherford the best combo is the inverse: own a bakfiets, use a car sharing service like greenwheels. Let’s me keep living car-free despite having two small kids.

@gwil honestly, in three years of living in the Netherlands I’ve only needed a car once (and in hindsight, I could’ve probably used a bakfiets for that too). Very happy to no longer be a car owner

@rutherford the Urban Arrow is great, so much power! Did this one also have the continuous gearbox?

@j12i I think so! I wasn’t sure if I was adjusting the actual gear or the amount of motor assist

@rutherford the assist should be on the little box with the display and buttons.

If it looked like this it's indeed for the internal gear hub. It's called Enviolo NuVinci. Did you notice the slope of the mountain on the indicator changing as you adjusted it? It's such a nice idea.

@j12i okay, yes, it was that (and I thought the lil slope thingy was a beautiful piece of design)

Next time I’ll try to find a hill so I can make actual use of these features...

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