kids these days spend too much time looking at their phones and not enough time worshipping the unknowably ancient standing stone outside of town that no one seems to remember seeing before

@rutherford Praise the stone. The stone is good. The stone keeps us and protects us. The stone will strike down our enemies. All love flows through the stone. All life flows through the stone. We are only made whole through the stone. I weep the stone. I am the stone. STONE. STONE. STONE.

@bytex64 The stone was here before us. The stone will outlive us. We pledge ourselves to the stone. Those under 25 should remember to smash that like button underneath the stone, it really helps a lot

@rutherford I feel like this is a prequel to Night in the Woods

@AlexaNichols @rutherford Definitely sounded like a Cecil editorial. (Which is not a complaint.)

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