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Update on the editor support: showing off the various widgets that are supported now:

- event / "bang"s
- booleans
- lil' bar graph for numbers
- colors
- highlighting active subexpression in switches, sequences etc

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Which macropad would you rather have on your desk? (vote below)

Made another attempt at the PCB for the left hand of the keyboard, seems like we have a success! Let's hope it works as well as the other one does when I put it together on Monday ;)

I love the fablab.

Had this idea to turn a half-baked card game about brewing potions by stacking ingredient cards into a tabletop experience with nice tactile elements yesterday night at 21h and made a sketch. Next day by lunchtime I have this on my desk:

WHAT? This is stupid. Our eyes have a bug, and it's such a silly thing!

But we're stuck with it (until we're scientifically capable AND culturally ok with genetically engineering ourselves)

also when am I ever going to have the time to edit that... so many things to do, so little time

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second consecutive day I'm deep-cleaning my home dir because I'm running out of space with the many gigabytes of video I'm shooting to document all this making of things. I think I'll have to pop out a secondary harddrive for this soon 😐

It seems that I have reached the end of a two-week yak shave and am now halfway back down the mountain trail, about to step back into civilization and finish the original project.

although I was thinking of an art installation with six (or 54?) LCD screens

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Just googled "Kubrick's Cube" after mispronouncing Rubik's Cube and was not disappointed:

Seems like I will (need to) work on some ShopBot autolevelling tool to make the other PCB... got the probing part done today, but now I need to make something that warps the Z axis to follow the board more tightly :)

this screen view is actually incredibly useful to practice hitting the correct keys blindly / making less fingering mistakes. I can orient myself by looking at which keys are currently pressed, aim on the screen and then see whether I manage to hit a new chord with no collateral presses :)

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its amazing how much time I've spent this week just idly noodling around on this (half) keyboard

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Building some kind of "Chord Explorer" for the keyboard. I want to be able to press random keys together and have it tell me the relationships between the notes to collect and learn chords (and scales).

Spent some time yesterday learning basic music theory on the Wicki-Hayden layout with @nff and sorry but the accepted notation is crazy!

Something that blew me away is how hard it is to find simple information like "what are the two intervals in a major chord, *in semitones*?"

Everyone shows you this stuff in musical notation where you need to know which lines have one and which have two semitones between them...

should've maybe CWd this with "venting", sorry

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haven't been making keys for two weeks because opening the mold and seeing some with no feet bc air bubbles or finding another crack in the mold. just. sucks.

At the same time I feel like I'm so close it's not worth to make a new mold, try a different way of compressing it or another solution to the air bubble problem

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