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Does anyone happen to be at the Melt festival this weekend? On the way there at the moment showcasing at the CMD+N game popup :)

Onyx Ashanti making great progress with his insanely-cyberpunk "sonocyb1 exomesh":

@neauoire with Ronin and all that lisp, have you ever tried parinfer ( or thought about including it in the Ronin editor?

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open source software development advice 

I love so much. I think it's the only reason I have to want to go to the USA. I wish it would exist somewhere here in europe...

I think I never posted this here, a short (10 minute read) paper on perceptions of mixed realities. I also propose a visual language for discussing such concepts and offer an alternative perspective to the reality-virtuality spectrum, from which VR and AR are opposite poles of a spectrum rather than different degrees of immersion.

Would love some feedback or discussion :)

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Mixing this with 'multiple parents' is particularily interesting, it would mean that content could look/behave/react differently depending on which path you took to get there.

The trick is that now the two flows have to be linked. I think that the 'downcets' are (or can be) evaluated first, and then 'upcets' can depend on 'downcets' that are local to them as well.

The name of a node could be a 'downcet', and any fileders path would then be available via the downcet-chain.

Anyway, I'm thinking about changing the system so that there are two flows of data, 'upcets' and 'downcets' (currently i have only 'facets' and they flow up).

All the 'downcets' of all the parents on the direct path to the root are available as dependencies to all 'downcets' below.

All 'upcets' in a fileder and recursively below are available as dependencies to any 'upcet' above that fileder.

Both of these flows have a certain 'locality' that allows e.g. performant rebuilds.

Another example is the last post I made, where I have essentially a Moonscript library for rendering the interactive examples. Because I can't let information flow down, and because the library (currently?) can't have multiple parents, I had to cram all examples into a single node together with the library.

I'm unsure if multiple parents would be a good idea; moving from tree to graph opens so many new questions, and it creates a huge UX problem.

Been rehashing some mmmfs concepts again. I felt a couple of times that "upwards-only" information flow in a tree isn't always enough. For example you can build a web page like that, where every node renders its children in a new context (a list with links, a gallery of pictures etc.) but then nodes can't know their full path. unless you make an exception for paths, which is what I did in mmmfs. That exception was quite costy, i had to spend a week on working around Tup to get that working.

got aound to write a little blogpost about developing for different aspect-ratios:

With interactive demos!

Just reached 265 stars for

That is my most "popular" published project, and by now mostly a source of guilt to me, since it's really not taken care of very well and I've been meaning to fix the fundamental usability flaws for like 4 years (but never got around to doing that). Kinda funny how that goes.

going to try to record some of the PFV feed some time soon so you can watch me crash the thing :)

I accidentally into FPV drone flying... it just feels nice

Sharing some super impressive & inspiring work by /

He also published a handy guide on creating things like this:

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