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...and 6/6.
Today we're announcing 0xC.pad!

Sign up for updates and fill out the feedback form here:

Or read on for longer-form information:

Again all credit for this amazing clip goes to Ilja Burzev. Also thanks to everyone for the encouraging comments in the last months! RTs are much appreciated also :)

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The feeling of being perched atop ~ and looking out over the landscape below, memories of projects past and present in every directory you point your gaze at

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Call for submissions for a large cooperative bundle on itch, with all proceeds going to the National Network for Abortion Funds' Collective Power Fund, launching next week.

All info on the submission page (heads up, google forms):

Trying to figure out if/how it's possible to get faust to compile and/or run on the RP2040's second core and so far it's all pain! 🙂

Hey (EU) fediverse: I'm considering switching to Aisler for my PCBs, but these for slotted holes for the USB-C connector are doubling the PCB price.

Anyone know a good USB-C 2.0 connector/footprint compatible with the "budget" tier?

Just realized that putting I2C on the midi keyboard is a heck of a good idea because it also trivially makes more keyboards bus-able. I'll have to re-think the case shape / make an alternative version, but these might end up "stackable" after all!

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Anyone here publish CC-licensed ambient(-ish) music?

Editing a soldering video with a lot of timelapse and it could probably use some. Will obviously attribute on screen + in description

Firefox just started showing me ads on the new tab page (not sure since when, I rarely update).

Stooping real low there, Mozilla.

If you use Firefox, you probably want to have this turned off:

Trying PeerTube at - nice to see the feed through Masto aswell!

Left wrist is still swollen but if it weren't for that I think I could pretty comfortably use my split keyboard despite the arm sling!

Typing this on there and it's not ideal but already more comfortable than one handed laptopping

Another checkup, no need for the brace after all - just a sling and some weeks of rest :)

The paramedics agreed that if I hadn't worn this helmet it would've been a different story, and I think I agree...

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thanks for the wishes @alderwick @Ludonaut @kemonine @d6 & @kensanata.

A couple of tests later now, everything is looking pretty good. Have to wear a shoulder brace for a couple of weeks and I'm staying in the hospital overnight to monitor a possible TBI, but likely no permanent damage and no harm to neck/spine, nerves; Can move and feel all my extremities etc.

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Whoops. Quick crag climb after work turned into my first serious climbing accident.

Writing this from the ER, but feel fine at this moment and it looks like there's no serious issues at this point. Still waiting for CT scan results because I probably have a concussion.

noticed my backpack was suspiciously warm after dinner outside yesterday. Somehow it went into full overdrive heating despite me telling windows to shut down and closing the lid (which I usually do?). It was *really* hot, must've been at least 70-80 degrees C on the outside.

Was really worried there was going to be some issue but after force-shutting it down and letting it cool down, this morning it works fine with no apparent issues... phew.

Thanks for the free mobo reflow I guess, windows?

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@neauoire @z I have on occasion said something similar about software. We should talk less in terms of product X using programming language Y and library Z, and more about doing task A using mechanisms B and C.

Or imagine if we didn't compare programming languages but spoke in terms of programming language mechanisms. Ooh, I think I just figured out another reason rubbed me the wrong way.

trying out some new Materials with the second prototype. The acrylic cover plate on the top suddenly makes sense because it makes the labels for the three I/O ports on the top legible, which is making me reconsider some visual design choices of the PCB...

Overall making PCB #2 was a lot harder than PCB #1. I made mistakes stencilling, broke two LEDs (my first two ever) while soldering, this MCU shorting business... Either I was lucky on the first or less attentive on the second.

In any case I'll hopefully have access to a professional-ish stencilling jig and reflow oven soon-ish. There's some other small improvements I can do to my current workflow but overall it's basically "not feasible" still for now.

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2) Then during bringup I noticed that almost half of the pins on the MCU module were shorted with their neighbors (ooops). Turns out you have to be really careful with alignment with castellated pins like that when they have long pads underneath, even if the outside looks barely off the twist can make overlaps happen underneath.

The real issue is that I don't have hot air here, so in the end I resorted to a heat gun (the hairdryer shaped kind) 😬

Pretty scary but also ended up doing the job...

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