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in other news I gave a workshop for the first time and it went pretty well :)

so I'm away from here for 3 days and merveilles is all linux and css themes now huh?

wow, hectic day today. the oscilloscope that i ordered online of course arrived broken (should've known better), but we found someone locally that will hopefully lend his working one to us for the duration of the fair. Would be amazing to have the other one fixed to show two, but I'm doubting that honestly.

Built a little PoC of the / end-user-programmable CAD idea I had the other day. Here's a video demonstration + explanation.
What do you think merveilles?

ooops, it finally happened, I just replied to an email with the mailing list of all other students in CC

having a hard time choosing which tools/languages/interests/projects to invest my time and mind-space into currently...
this is amazing, a little lisp implemented in 800 lines of C, with a DSP engine and immediate-mode UI.

Builds in a second, comes with a great-sounding, demo synth with full GUI.

wow, it is incredible how hard it is to find a paper or article that simply takes a look at how the lackof data ownership in cloud/saas etc is affecting end-users - in the end-user programming community this seems obvious and is the undertone of every piece of commentary I find, but in g scholar I can't find a thing.

am I looking for the wrong terms or is there simply noone that cares?

I mean, this just straight up feels like home 🖤

wow, kak-lsp (language-server implementation) works wayyy too well out of the box. `gr` (Go References) opens a new buffer with all the matching lines, hit enter on any and it brings you there sooo snappily. Also in general this is way more snappy than vim, not sure if its the plugins i have there or just faster

does anyone here use Kakoune?
Reading the rationale right now ( and it sounds like it (attempts to) fix the things I don't like about vim after years of use.

keeping a project log as part of the thesis, added a posts for the last two days:

the client loads its data via the same mechanism it is loaded itself. After navigating to

the client fetches

which you can view in human-readable form by leaving out the json type, and letting it default to text/html:

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