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Update on the editor support: showing off the various widgets that are supported now:

- event / "bang"s
- booleans
- lil' bar graph for numbers
- colors
- highlighting active subexpression in switches, sequences etc

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I've been using and liking fish for about 3 years now, but I noticed some downsides (not POSIX compliant so some things you wanna source or copy-paste at times don't work), so I'm wondering: what would you recommend?

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thank you automated comparison page, that sure is a great reason to use zsh over other shells 🙄

new laptop arrived, lets try this NixOS thing :)))))

my first-ever solder-paste application using a stencil

I was just holding the stencil by hand, and it shows ;)

Test-cutting stencil patterns out of some kind of wax-paper on the lasercutter. Top: SK6812-EC15 LEDs, bottom HRO TYPE-C-31-M-12 USB connector (the two parts with the smallest pads on my PCB).

For scale, each of the three USB connector attempts is 7mm wide in total.

I can't believe the paper still holds together as these really fine strings on the first attempt of the USB connector! But I think I will go with the middle version (labelled 5).

One down, and pretty damn bright too!

lessons learned: for pads this small you really want/need a stencil. The only other way is to put a glob of paste over all the pads and then carefully scratch away the excess to leave four more or less uniform blobs, but this is not very reliable.

Going to laser-cut some stencils tomorrow :)

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Anyone know how to read this graph? It looks to me as if there is a scale missing for the left half?

From this datasheet:

these LEDs are smol... that's my pinky there on the side.

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