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You know how like half the point of hyperlinks was that you put them onto a word and then by clicking you can find out more about that word?

Why can you *still* not do that in so many places? Sure, with markdown and WYSIWYG editors it's usually possible, but it's strange that one of the first ideas of the web¹ is lost on so many popular platforms (here, twitter, fb, youtube descriptions & comments...)


they have a bit more low end IRL, but it's funny how much sound variability is in this simple mechanical gimick

found a purpose for my facebook account: practicing italian by asking and giving advice in local hobby groups

Put together a Coathanger-Door thingy for our very tall doors in OpenSCAD as a warmup for FabAcademy :)

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emulation: I can't seem to find any emulation platforms? qemu can only do Linux OS' apparently?

cross-compilation: this would leave me without all the peripherals, and I don't know how important how many of them are, and I'm a bit worried to find out tbh. Def not qualified to reimplement them all accurately enough and w.r.t timings

hardware: maybe pretty neat. Has some problems in my use case, but seems the most realistic atm.

people, some advice please:
There's an embedded software project that I would like to run as part of a software simulation rather than in it's real sensor-and-motor-environment. It runs on STM32F4 and STM32F7s. What is the most realistic approach?

- find an ARM MCU emulator and interface my simulation with simulated peripherals
- cross-compile the project and pray I can make the timing of it all work somehow
- Run it on hardware but patch in virtual I/O that runs over USB

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taking care of a cat for a few days, she likes to hang out on my desk with the spare heat of my laptop :)

Doing finishing touches on my BA thesis about end-user computing systems, feedback welcome!

only first post there at the moment though

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