Wow, this little logic analyzer for 10 bucks (and @sigrok) make suuuuch a difference working with hardware, it's unbelievable. With all the debugging options I have now, I might just be able to get the original design with the PIC working...

@s_ol Which logic analyzer did you go with? Can't quite tell from the image.

My specific one was branded "KeeYes" online but there is no trace of branding on the actual device. All of them in this price range look perfectly identical to me, I think it really doesn't matter.

The test clips that came with mine were lacking the little piece of wire to connect to the female-female headers though, I had to solder some on myself. Not sure if that's "normal" like that.

@s_ol Oh interesting. I've been thinking of picking up a logic analyzer for a while now. I may just grab one of these cheap ones.

Thanks for the info!

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